Video Chat WOW

It’s midnight and I’m laying in bed chatting with Mrs. Lee back in Korea when Tim arrives home.  He kisses me and chats with Mrs. Lee for a few minutes before taking his shower.  He comes back out wrapped in a towel and lays down beside me.  His fresh clean scent arouses me as does his hard cock poking me in my ass.

He has his head resting on my shoulder and talking as he pulls my skirt up and lifts my leg.  I shake and bite my lower lip as I feel him rub his big cock head against my smooth wet pussy.  Slowly Tim pushes his cock into my hot wet pussy, stretching my tight pussy open.  Tim makes us laugh and I push my face down into the bed and gasp, as he pushes his big cock fully into me, taking my breath away.

Tim holds his cock still in me, and I slowly begin rolling and rocking my hips on him.  My pussy juices are flowing and I’m burning with desire to be taken and fucked hard.  Tim starts flexing his cock, making it jump and pulse inside me, letting me know he wants me as bad as I want him.

He slowly pulls his cock out of me, and leaves the tip inside, again holding still.  I try to push myself back down but he squeezes my hip tight and holds me there for what seems like minutes. Then he pushes in half-way and fucks me long and slow with half of his cock, driving me crazy. I shake and my pussy tingles and juices start to flow again.

Slowly he is finally fucking me with all his beautiful big cock.  Holding back my moans and screams is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Tim tenses up and shakes as his cock pulses, and I feel his cum shooting deep inside me over and over. He slowly buries his cock into me, pushing his cum out around his shaft.

I’m shaking and shuddering as Tim and I slowly come off our orgasms. Mrs. Lee says her good bye’s.  Tim’s cock is still semi-hard inside me, as he rolls me over face down, and starts pounding into me.  Driving me into the bed, his cock swells and fills me completely.  Crying out, I scream into the bed as he takes me with a power harder than any other time.

Knowing he is getting great pleasure is giving me a pleasure I can’t explain as my body shakes and my pussy juices start to gush like a river.  Tim drives down and erupts inside me again, we both shake and collapse. His cum fills me and mixes with mine.

Tim rolls off me as I turn my head and hear Mrs. Lee say, “You didn’t disconnect.  Laughing, “Mrs. Lee, you just have to click the red button.”  More laughing as I say “Good night, Mrs. Lee.”, and click the button.

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