When the Mood Strikes

Jim and I were discussing, honestly, just how often the “making-love urge” strikes us and when and why it does.

Yeah, read the last line again, it’s important.

So, after a couple hours of discussion on this subject, fully dressed by the way, we agreed that being candid about details involving our sexual needs and wants and the timing of our urges is interesting and important to know.

This is not really about how often we screw or please each other orally with a quickie, but rather about how often we organically desire sex and when.

So, what’s your thing? How often do each of you desire sex, and are you usually in sync with your urges? If not, how do you approach that scenario?

I believe it’s safe to say we often have sexual urges with our spouses when they may not necessarily be in the mood. How do you handle that and still get that awesome orgasm you want so badly under these circumstances?

Would you answer this simple quiz in the comments?

How often do you desire sex weekly?
What percentage of the time is your spouse in synch with your urges?
Is there any regular timeframe when these urges occur? (am/pm/lunchtime?)
When there is a timing/mood conflict, how often do you fix yourself by masturbating?

Let’s see if there are any trends here. Thanks in advance for participating. Jim’s still sleeping, so I’m gonna try for a nipplegasm. Love to all!

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