A Bit More Realistic

I’ve mentioned before that, while I dislike porn, I am fine with videos of real couples having sex. It’s been very enlightening and moved me away from embarrassment and repulsion. I’ve also found that videos of guys (preferably when they don’t show their faces) masturbating and talking sexy are very arousing. I sometimes watch (or just listen) to these while rubbing or grinding, and I picture myself and my future husband making love.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine what my man would really say or how he’d sound, so these types of video/audio make the scene much more realistic for me. I hope this isn’t wrong. I’m not lusting for the men in these videos, and I have no addiction issue. But I’d enjoy feedback from any others of you faithfully-unmarried folks on MH. Do you use any sort of stimulation (video, audio, toys, mirror) to help you fantasize about your future spouse?

Speaking of mirrors, about three masturbation sessions back, I started doing it in front of the mirror, sitting with my back against the bed and legs spread as I explored my vulva and worked my middle finger inside. I could almost see my future husband seated behind me, his hand entwined with mine as we teased and stimulated my mound. It was very hot and, in a way, sweet. As a teenager, I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror while naked because I felt it was so inappropriate and embarrassing. Now I strut around in full confidence of my femininity (in the seclusion of my bedroom, though!) and enjoy the view. These things have helped me grow sexually and plan ahead for the day I might give one man great pleasure. That is my goal, second only to loving and pleasing Jesus. This site is another of those tools, and I thank God for steering me here.

Again, I’d enjoy feedback from any other of you faithfully-unmarried folks on MH.

(MH Editor’s Note:  Since all MH members have been in the past or now are unmarried, we would encourage any MH member to feel free to comment on this post.)

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