I have a thing for my wife. From morning bed-head to Sunday’s finest, she exudes sex appeal, albeit hidden to the world beneath the epitome of a demure Christian lady. Even the fact that she pulls that off turns me on.

That being said, my wife and I have recently opened up about our desires, turn-ons, and even some fantasies. Masturbating for me really opened up a door, and she’s sort of come into her own, sexually. Since her awakening, she’s been very keen on trying new things, for the most part. There is one thing though, that she had not quite grasped … I like it when she’s a little sweaty. Call me strange if you will, but the sight of her with wisps of damp hair stuck to her temples, shoulders glistening with a clear sheen, and droplets rolling down the valley between her boobs … queue up my instant boner.

She had thus far staved off my advances. Running off to the shower, laughing it off, or calling me weird had worked so far. Now and then, though, the boner wants what the boner wants. Time for a plan. It was deliciously simple. My wife is nothing, if not predictable, and my cock knew we’d find her on the treadmill Saturday morning at 8:00am. I slipped in to our small basement gym and, sure enough, she’s in her zone. Running her pace, ear buds in, (probably Bon Jovi), and working up a sweat.

My view was spectacular. Her ponytail was swishing with each step, her painted on spandex bottoms concealed nothing, her pink sports bra was losing the fight with her boobs, and yes, a watery sheen covered every inch of exposed skin. Damn. The time ticked away, and at 8:30 she slowed to a walk. She still didn’t know I was in the room, but that was about to change. She stepped off the treadmill, removed her ear buds, and turned.

“Shit, you scared me!” She saw the look in my eyes and took a step back. Predator mode activated. She was trapped and knew it. Enter the feminine wiles …
1. Pleading – “Baby! Baby please…I’m sweaty!” I know.
2. Bargaining – “When the kids leave, I’ll wash the car topless!” Yes, you will.
3. Pouting – Damn, that’s cute. I almost caved.

Her butt touched the back wall, and my cock closed the distance.

“Baby, I …” My mouth covered hers and my thumbs flicked both nipples. Her sounds betrayed her.

“Mmm, mmm. Shit, baby,” she says. The harder her nipples get, the more her resolve melts. Her eyes opened, but they were glazed now.

“Say it.”


“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me.”

“Even though you’re sweaty?”

“Yes, dammit.”


Shoes and socks went first, followed by her shorts and bra. Beautiful, sweet eye candy from head to toe. I took a moment to burn the image into my brain before greedily claiming her mouth again. She tore at my shirt and shorts until I was naked too, and sank to her knees, intent on sucking my cock. Not today. Realization hits her, and her hands join her knees on the mat.

Crawling forward, she gives me enough space to get behind her, and looks back over her shoulder. I sank down behind her, and placed my hands on her ass. Starting at her pussy, I licked all the way up. She pushed back into my face, and I did it again. Her titties seemed to be in sync with my cock now, and placed themselves on the mat in front of her knees. I rubbed her silky ass and lined up my cock with her hole. I wasn’t gentle, but she wasn’t complaining as we became one flesh. We were both sweaty now. My balls slapped her clit with each stroke, and were rewarded with a coating of her sweet juices. Sex sounds and smells filled the room.

“Let me ride you”, she said. As you wish. We switched positions and she sank down on my cock. Oh, those wonderful titties. She smiled when I grabbed them. They were slippery from our exertions and those rosy tips felt electric between my fingers.

“I’m getting close”, she said. Me too. I grabbed both of her hips and helped her ride me. We rose to the peak together and locked eyes as we dropped over the edge. Her pussy squeezed and my cock pulsed as we emptied ourselves into each other.

Sated and calmer, she placed those glistening titties on my chest, smiled a seductive smile, and said, “You have my permission to do that again … anytime you want.” See you next Saturday.

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