Caught (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

Heather was out of town with her best friend.  I was sad to see her leave for her girl’s weekend, but she is making great strides in learning to love herself and working out her issues, so I was glad she wanted to go away.  

Needless to say, I was bored to death come Sunday night.  I poured myself a bourbon and sat on the couch, thinking of Heather and getting very hard.  After pulling off my tee shirt and shorts,  I grabbed my semi-hard thick long cock and softly squeezed it, trying to do it the way Heather does.  My cock quickly stiffened as I rubbed my balls and pictured Heather sucking them, then running her tongue up my shaft to circle around the head. I imagined her slowly taking all of my cock into her mouth and pushing it down her throat, then sliding me in and out of her hot, wet-velvet mouth and throat.  I spit on both my hands to replicate the feeling as best as I could and wrapped both hands around my cock and balls as I stroked harder and faster. 

As I thrust up into my hands, my cock erupted, shooting hot ropes over my chest, belly, and face.  I moan loudly, and some of it landed in my mouth! In surprise, I snapped my lips closed and swallowed, then fell back on the couch. 

While I was catching my breath, my phone went off.  I rolled over and picked it up from the side table.  

“WOW! That was hot, baby.”  

My heart skipped a beat.  How did she know?  I looked up and realized the security cameras were turned on.  I felt so embarrassed yet more aroused and excited than ever for Heather to get home.  

“Do you always cum all over your face when I’m not home?”  I thought maybe she was going to go off on me.  

“No this was the first time.  Thinking of you had me so turned on.”  I grabbed my tee and started to clean myself up.

“Head to bed, baby.  I’ll see you in the morning.  I love you.” 

” I love you too. Goodnight.”  

“And by the way, I want to see you do that again when I get home.”  *click*

I slowly opened my eyes in the morning to the feeling of wetness sliding up and down my cock.  Lifting my head, I looked down to see Heather sliding my cock in and out of her hot sexy mouth.  

“Mmmm, baby, you keep that up and you’re going to get a mouthful.  

Heather’s lips slid off my cock and she sat up on her knees as she stroked my cock.  Leaning closer, she whispered, “I’d rather see you with a mouthful.”  My heart pounded as she kissed me hard and deep.  “I got so hot watching you open your mouth and lift your head to drink your cum. I hope you loved the taste as much as I do, baby.” 

“Ohh, fuck,” I moaned, “yes.”  

“Your cock is sooo big; I bet you can get more, baby.”  

My cock jumped. “Ohhh, fuuuuck, I’m about to explode.”  

Heather quickly squeezed the base of my throbbing cock, holding back my orgasm.  Cum oozed from my head, and she ducked down to lick it up onto her tongue. Then she pressed her lips to mine and slipped her cum covered tongue into my mouth. We both moaned and shared the taste of my cum.  

With her hand on the back of my head, she pulled me up with her as she leaned back.  “Relax, baby.  Let me guide you.”  Folding me in half, she pushed my head down until I was looking straight down at my cock.  “Open your mouth, baby.”  She applied steady pressure between my shoulders and I rolled my back as she pulled my hard big cock toward me.  My heart pounded as I felt the head rubbed across my lips.  “Lick it,” she moans, and I lightly flicked my tongue around my cock head, my mind reeling.  The pressure built in my cock, and as she released it, I erupted into my mouth. I coughed and gagged a little as my cum blasted my throat, but I quickly swallowed and stretched my lips to close them around my head. She pumped my cock until I’d emptied into my mouth, then pulled my head up by my hair and kissed me with a love and passion I’d yet to experience. 

The eroticism of the act and her reaction to it were enough to have me still raring to go. And it was a good thing! Climbing astride me, Heather slid her drenched pussy all over my still-hard cock. 

“Fuck me, baby. Please, fuck me.”  

I rolled her over and push her legs open wide as I knelt between her thighs and pressed my cockhead into her. Then I drove down hard and fully into her pussy.  She cried out, and I pulled out and drove in hard again, and again.  

Heather gasped and swore with each thrust, her body spasming and pussy pulsing around my big cock. Her juices squirted out around my cock with each thrust. Within moments, I had injected a smaller load and pumped a slow, agonizing few more times, imagining them melding together inside her.   

I pulled out of her and slid down her body as she moaned and panted for breath.  Pressing my mouth to her pussy, I sucked hard and pulled all of our cum that I could into my mouth. Then I crawled over her, covered her parted lips with mine, and opened up to let our nectar flow.  She moaned and hugged me tightly as we share our mixture of love.

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