I’ll Be Waiting for You (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A).

It was a beautiful warm day as we returned from walking our dogs. We were wet and sweaty and decided to enjoy a shower together. Our chat during our walk was clearly leading to some lovemaking; Lucy kept making naughty hints, and I responded to each one with my own.

As Lucy went to the bathroom, I grabbed some of her favorite toys and the coconut oil and dropped them on the bed. Then I joined her in the shower.

Lucy’s hands were already well lathered up with soap, and she immediately reached for my cock and started giving me very special attention. She pulled back my foreskin and placed all her focus on the head. I allowed myself only about a minute of enjoyment before I swung her around.

“Get your hands against the wall! Spread your legs and bend your knees. Now, I need to give your sexy ass some special attention because I am going to lick your little butthole when I get out of the shower.”

Lucy was in complete obedience. I spent quite some time washing her bum and giving very special and gentle attention to her little asshole. Her pussy was getting very wet. Her hand moved in between her legs, and she started making little circles around her clit. My cock was already dripping with anticipation for what lay ahead for the two of us. The next moment, her body started shaking as the first orgasm overwhelmed her. It was clearly “Game On”, and our evening was set for some serious fucking.

Lucy grabbed her towel and walked out towards our bedroom with these words, “I’ll be waiting for you, but I won’t be waiting!!”

It did not make sense, but I would soon understand what her words meant. I rinsed all the soap off my body, and as I turned off the shower, I clearly heard a buzzing sound from the bedroom. It was evident that she was waiting for me to join her, but she was NOT waiting to get the game started. Her vibrator was already making her ready for me.

The sight that met me was a dream come true. Lucy was on her knees, her ass facing me, her legs spread, and her asshole clearly visible. She had one vibrator in her pussy and another small one pressed against her clit. She was dripping wet and shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Licking her ass was not something that I did very often, but the idea had been keeping me on a sexual high for a few days. I told Lucy about what I wanted to do three or four days earlier, and she was so ready for what I had in mind. She reminded me twice in the last two days that she needed some SERIOUS attention.

It took me less than five seconds to drop my towel and bury my face in her in such a way that I could lick her ass. As my tongue started making love to her, she groaned like a wounded animal and started cumming. I was in ecstasy. I kept on licking with just the tip of my tongue, and she kept on using words that shocked even me.

The “Fuck” word is only used in our home when we are making love. This time Lucy could not get anything else out of her mouth. She was saying it, whispering it, shouting it, screaming it as she was going through a marathon of orgasms. At some point, I took the vibrator from her hand and replaced it with my dripping cock. She was so wet that I slid in deep enough that my balls hit against her hard clit. I kept on pumping in and out, and with each thrust, my scrotum smacked her love button again.

My precious wife kept on shouting, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop! Spank my ass! Spank me! Oh fuck, fuck, fuuuck! This is so good! I’m cumming again. Ram it in! Deeper! Harder. Fffffffuuuck, I cannot stop cumming!!!”

I grabbed the little bottle of coconut oil that was lying on the bed. I poured some on her asshole to make it super slippery and slid my middle finger into her. She moaned and immediately started having another orgasm.

We were both quite a mess. Lucy was dripping. I was dripping. And to make it worse she said, “I want you to cum on my boobs.” She moved forward, I slipped out of her pussy as she moved forward, fell onto her back, grabbed my cock, and started giving me a hand job.

“Come closer. I want to taste your pre-cum.” She put the tip of my cock in her mouth and made fast little moves with her tongue over that sensitive spot at the bottom of the head. It felt as if my entire body had disappeared and that I was only one big, super-sensitive cock.

Lucy knew my reaction so well. The moment she felt that I was going to cum, she pulled my cock out of her mouth, aimed it at her boobs, and sprayed my cum all over her chest and tummy.

While I was busy coming down from some heavenly place, she was rubbing my cum all over her boobs.

“Let’s do that again very soon!” she said, and I agreed without saying a word.

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