I plowed my blonde neighbor on the first day we met

It’s been a few days since I moved into my new house. While still unpacking my stuff, a sensual blonde girl appeared at my door. With a lively look in her bright eyes and a pleasant smile, she told me she lives just a few minutes on foot from me. I invited her in, and soon as the young blonde walked through the doorway, she freed her big hangers from her shirt. She has a beautiful pair with huge nipples, I thought. When she ensured I didn’t have a girlfriend, he leaned against the couch and pulled down her shorts. A perfectly tight tiny ass with a rear view of her hairless cunt captivated my sight. She wiggled her bum a few times, and I accepted her game. While making her lips wetter with her tongue, she asked if she could suck my dick. I agreed at that exact moment, and she was already on her knees, gently licking cock head. She thinks I’m a perfect neighbor because I have a beautiful house and a big third leg. She continues to suck and lick the shaft while looking me in the eyes. The blonde babe is trying to swallow it deeply in her throat while rubbing her nipples. She takes my hardly erect shaft and puts it between her delicious tits. What a nice feeling to have it stuck there. She turns around and bares her glorious butt and wet vagina.


In one short movement, her pussy slides all the way down and swallows my dick deep into its depths. The babe spreads her smooth butt cheeks widely, trying to feel every inch of my stiff dong. It feels so unearthly and unreal at this moment. The look of her juices oozing down my dick and her young big boobs hanging makes me want to come right now. To cool it off, I changed the position and started plowing her from behind. She moans so loud that the neighbors can hear it as she approaches an intense orgasm. I noticed she still wore her colorful sneakers when she squatted on my thighs. Her blonde ponytail slapped me in the face. While holding herself with her arms against my shoulders, she moved up and down on my cock. Her boobies were bouncing up and down. Her pink cunt fitted so tight around, and she wanted it very deep as she was rubbing her clit. I’m holding her booty and letting her have it how she likes. I had to take her one more time, doggy style, as she was kneeling on a chair. I moved faster as I felt that I was so close to cumming. My dick is pulsating, and it is now even deeper in her wet snatch as her ripe peach is opened widely. When there was no going back, I pulled out my cock fast out of her and released my hot jizz, in a few spurts, all over her back and ass. She just asked if she could come tomorrow so I could cum in her pussy.






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