Lana gets seduced by her famous playboy boss

Lana is a young girl that was fortunate enough to land a job as a personal assistant for a famous French actor. He had a bad reputation, but she was utterly in love with him. One day, she was alone in his mansion and decided to dip in his pool. The beautiful got naked and went for a swim. Unknowingly to her, he came back early and saw her fully naked. The sight of her beautiful breasts, her perky tits and her plump butt made him want to join her. She was stunned as he stripped and came into the pool with her. Lana was enamored by his large cock and surrendered herself to him. He kissed her passionately and escorted her to his bedroom. She grabbed his shaft and stroked it as they made out. Like she dreamed many times, she sucked on his dick and balls while looking at him with her blue eyes. The way this dirty little goddess stares at him with those gorgeous eyes when she is blowing him is sexy as hell. The girl was seductive and gentle, wanting to be the best he’s ever had. Lana skillfully deepthroated him and allowed him to fuck her face any way he wanted. Having enjoyed her mouth, he laid down on the bed, and the beautiful babe obediently sat down on his dick, taking it all in one go. He went slow at first but picked up the pace, making her moan. Lana talks dirty to him, making him want her even more. She orgasms when he slaps her juicy butt. The babe then gets on her knees, allowing him to fuck her doggy style. He pounds away at her while she loves every second of it. To finish him off, she gets on top of him and bounces up and down his cock. The positions look great including legs in the air with her thights jigging, and the doggy style where he is pullling her hair. Lana uses all of her womanly charms to please her boss and tells him to cum inside. He unloads all of his semen straight into her pussy. Lana is absolutely stunning. Now she is freaking gorgeous in everything I’ve seen from her but this is probably the best she has ever looked. Holy shit. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and not just in porn. Her mesmerizing eyes and great figure are to die for. She could make People magazine top 10 beautiful people of the year.






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