Naked flight attendant uses the break to satisfy the captain and his assistant

Whenever there’s a layover, and the crew has time to relax until the second plane is ready, Penelope makes sure to entertain the captains and satisfy herself. As the three get into a hotel room the naughty Latina flight attendant doesn’t waste a minute and begins stripping and spreading her legs. Before letting them stretch her out, she seductively teases them by playing with her pussy, using her sex toy and letting them watch. The girl has a gorgeous pussy! We get some excellent close up views of her smooth, pink pussy lips and her super clean and tidy pussy slit. The longer the vibrator rubs against her clit, the closer she is to cumming. Soon enough, her stunning body starts shivering, and the naked girl stares into their eyes as she has an orgasm. Having an orgasm in front of someone is very sexy. Instead of pulling out their cocks the naked flight attendant decides to sensually straddle them and rub her dripping wet snatch all over their throbbing bulges. Unable to wait, the captain and his assistant stand up and whip their manhoods out for the real action to begin. Penelope’s body instinctively drops to the ground, and she inches her lips closer to their cocks until she’s close enough to kiss their tips. The teasing becomes overbearing, and the guys slowly start thrusting their schlongs into her sloppy mouth to get sucked off. Once she got a taste of their precum, the sexy flight attendant couldn’t stop herself from showing off her blowjob skills. Taking turns blowing and deepthroating gets a bit tiring, so they take her to the sofa where she can ride one of them while giving head at the same time. The moment her tight slit feels a dick pushing into her, she starts bouncing her bubble butt relentlessly. Within minutes her dirty talking gets raunchier, and she’s ready for deeper penetration.


As the men switch positions, the naked girl seductively arches her back and spreads her big booty to be railed in doggy. Now that they’re plowing her from behind, they can shove every inch of themselves into her without any issues, and Penelope’s loving every second of it. Whenever she bounces her tushy, the guys make sure to squeeze her ass for it to become red. Having both her dripping wet fanny and mouth deeply pummeled gives her the energy to climb back on top and ride once more. This round, she decides to try out reverse cowgirl, and the guys are excited to watch her gyrate her hips. The view of her gorgeous pussy lips bulging around the big cock is exceptional. While on top, the horny flight attendant rubs her quivering clit joyfully as the captain plays with her cute tits and fills her throat with his manhood. Although they’re about to nut, they endure the pleasure as long as possible in hopes of making her orgasm again. Their hard effort pays off as the Latina quickly begins shaking and moaning uncontrollably. After catching their breaths, the men let her slobber on their shaft again as they stare into her lustful eyes. The feeling of her soft hands jerking them off and her sloppy tongue twirling around their tips pushes them over the edge. As they start stroking their dicks she pulls them close and gives them a smile as they cover her pretty face with their hot load.






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