She teaches her virgin friend how to squirt and satisfy her lesbian urges

There’s nothing that Scarlett and Lilly love doing more than having a slumber party and bonding together. As the two cute blondes jump in bed, they begin fooling around and reading each other’s fortunes. Things take a turn once Scarlett finds out Lilly is a complete virgin who has never even kissed a guy. Although she’s a teen, she’s already been with a few of them, and this is a perfect chance to teach her best friend everything she knows about kissing. She slowly inches herself closer to her and gives her an adorable peck on the lips. Now that she’s mastered the beginning, it’s time to learn using her tongue, and Scarlett’s eager to show her how. While making out, she seductively places her hand on Lilly’s perky nipples and teases her. The girls stare into each other’s eyes and can’t believe they’ve gotten so excited, so they continue right where they left off. Once her top is off, the shy virgin lets her bestie caress her lovely body and lick her cute titties with passion. Although she’s enjoying the feeling, she wants to try it herself, so she slides off her top and relentlessly licks and sucks on her friend’s nipples. Despite thinking this is as far as they’d go, their lesbian fun becomes much spicier when Lilly’s legs spread and expose her wet panties. Without wasting a moment, the blonde drops on all fours and teasingly kisses her wet spot and thighs. Being teased only makes her want it even more, so she slides her panties to the side and watches as her soaked pussy gets eaten out vigorously. Her plump luscious pussy is amazing.


The longer her clit is licked, the louder her moans become, and soon enough, the shy babe lets out one final moan as she has a shivering orgasm. Desperate to please her friend, she pushes her onto her back and begins slobbering on her snatch with joy. While Lilly eats her out, she decides to rub her foot across her fanny, which just makes them hornier than before. Unable to control her lust, Scarlett climbs onto her bestie and sits on her pretty face. Nice juicy pussies and wonderful orgasms. Whilst facesitting, she shoves her fingers deep inside her friend’s cunt and begins thrusting relentlessly. Within minutes she makes her pussy squirt all over the bed sheets, but the only thing she cares about now is getting to cum herself. Instead of getting off, she continues sitting on her face and enjoys feeling her tongue slowly stretching her out. After switching places and teasing one another in every possible pose, the adorable lesbian teens decide it’s time to try out something much naughtier. As Lilly spreads her legs, Scarlett inches her body close to hers and turns around. Whilst straddling her thigh, she ensures that her clit is rubbing against it and that her ass is on her snatch. Once in position, the naked girls start scissoring with passion, and the loud moaning and gyrating last until both orgasm from the erotic friction. The orgasms, the squirting, the tearing up of the bedsheets, it was all chaotic bliss. Absolutely the BEST and most erotic, orgasmic, wettest cum session and lesbian video I have ever seen! Nothing better than two skinny naked blondes licking their pussies for the first time. Bravo Girls!!!






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