The power’s out, it’s super hot, and two naked girls freeuse each other

Khloe and Mazy are watching TV when it suddenly turns off. There’s no electricity, the days hot, and the only thing to do to keep cool is to strip naked. Our cute brunette and blonde have seen each other nude plenty, so it’s no issue at all. It’s Khloe’s job to handle the bills, so she calls the power company to check. When her roommate sees a free pussy, she dives in. Even though her friend is on the phone, she goes down and licks her clit and suck her meaty labia in her mouth. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and the blonde doesn’t make a noise. No power until tomorrow means no clothes all day. The naked girls are bored, so they try to keep themselves entertained by reading, chatting, and, of course, freeusing each other! The brunette makes full use of blondie’s mouth while she’s busy reading a book. Mazy rides her face and rubs her tight pussy all over her tongue. After cumming from that, she positions her to scissor their pussies. It’s amazing that Khloe could focus on reading while having her pussy ground like that. One more orgasm, and she decides she’s done with her human sex toy. One of their guy friends drops by to bring them an ice machine.


He’s as much of an airhead as they are and keeps trying to turn it on despite there being no power. The blonde exhibitionist pops out of her clothes again, and the two go crazy on both of her holes. While she’s fanning herself, the guy motorboats her ass cheeks, and the brunette eats her clit. All the heat goes to the dude’s dick, so he whips it out and has both naked girls suck on it to cool it down. He pushes his penis in one girl’s mouth then moves to the other girl, going from one to the other, fucking their mouths. Both naked girls suck his cock sitting on the cool kitchen floor. Maybe if they close their eyes and imagine it’s a popsicle, it’ll taste like one. With food on their mind, the group plans a shopping trip while the dude fucks their pussies. Later the naked girls eat ice cream and the guys asks them for a different sweet treat. They slurp and suck on his dong in between bites of ice cream. He bangs both of them while they’re on their phones. The naked girls snap some pics of his cock going in and out. After swapping holes a few times, he tells them to stand up. They get another serving of dessert, this time a hot, creamy load of semen. Would you like to be him? Use these sexy naked girls whenever you want, anytime, anywhere? The “free use” fetish is when naked girls make themselves sexually available to you at any time and anywhere. Maybe they are cooking, maybe they are reading, maybe they are working out. No matter what, these girls are down for sex.






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