This skinny girl must have been the tightest I’ve banged so far

Being born with a big dick made it easy to get any teen girl. Today’s lucky lady was this skinny little brunette with itty bitty titties. Skinny girls have the tightest pussies! As soon as I whipped out my monster dong, the girl put it in her little mouth. Guess she was not used to them being this big, as she desperately tried to take more in, but it was too thick for her. After she teased the head a bit, I took her to the bedroom for the main course. Being a gentleman, I put her in the mood with some kissing and petting. I helped her strip off her clothes, revealing her cute little boobies and tight, shaved pussy. She wasn’t ready for it just yet, so I ate her out for a bit to help her relax her little hole. When she felt wet enough, I slowly slid my cock in. The skinny girl almost came from just the tip. She could only take half the length, but man, was she tight. Fucking her from behind and enjoy the view of her sexy ass was amazing. After doing her a bit doggy style, I had her ride me. I didn’t want to hurt the cute thing, so I let her move as much as she wanted. Seeing as she was more comfortable with the girth, I flipped her around cowgirl style. Now the skinny naked girl could take a lot more and moaned with every thrust. At one point, I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her in so I could give her a proper pounding. I went in balls-deep and felt her young little pussy grip me even harder as she orgasmed. I was about to burst and wanted to cum on her pretty face. The naked girl went down on her knees and eagerly received my fat load!






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