Those Lips

There was a long pause after she spoke. She shuffled nervously, and I tried to decide how to react. She looked vulnerable. The beautiful woman that stood in my kitchen looked like she was about to bolt.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have brought this up!”

I’d waited three seconds too long to answer. Wait… Okay, yes. Her looked went from vulnerable to relief to scared.

“I don’t do this. I’ve never done this.”

“I believe you.” I suddenly wanted to take care of her, and despite my very recent agreement to her offer, I said just that. After expressing my desire to just help her, she looked up at me with misty eyes and quivering lips, but then changed to something like determination.

“No, I can’t accept that. Really, I’ve thought this through.”

And with that, she took a step towards me. Her eyes went first to my face, then to my cock. “He” had no qualms with the agreement and was more than ready to get started, flexing against my shorts…Show off.

She grinned at his display, and her eyes found mine again. I stood stock still while she closed the distance and kissed me. Her hands went first to my chest, then around to my back. When she squeezed me in a hug, her breasts crushed against me, and my cock nuzzled himself against her belly. She pulled back from the kiss and slithered down to her knees while simultaneously dropping my shorts. Free, my cock danced in front of her face.

She grinned, “You really have a nice cock.”

The look in her eyes had changed to that of coy seductress, and I let go of the breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. I sucked it right back in when she covered the tip of my cock with her lips and did this knee-buckling thing with her tongue. Shit.

She knew what she was doing. Her hands were on my thighs and her hot mouth could have won Olympic gold. She sank deeper down on my cock, and I hoped I could last long enough to enjoy this a little longer. Her head soon found a rhythm, and she reached around to grab my ass cheeks.

Tentatively, my hands went to the sides of her head, and I thrust forward ever so slightly with my hips. She looked up at this, nodded, and put one hand at the base of my cock. Taking this as permission, I slowly increased the tempo until I was carefully fucking her mouth.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm,” were the only sounds she could manage to make. I kept this pace for a minute, but she wanted control again and pushed slightly on the base of my cock.

She pulled off her mouth and licked down my shaft, then began bathing my balls with her wet tongue. Good Lord, this woman was a master cock sucker.

Finished with my balls, she returned her attention to my dick. She took my hands in hers and placed them once again on the sides of her head. One of hers went back to the base of my cock and one to my thigh.

She looked up as if to say, “Go”, and I did. I wasn’t rough, and I wasn’t trying to gag her, but I quickly found a rhythm that would get me there.

The sight of my dick going in and out of those lips, the feeling of warm wetness engulfing me, and the “Mmm, mmm, mmm” sounds she made as I fucked her mouth were driving me crazy. I felt it building, and she must have sensed it too, because she took over once again; bobbing her head and working her tongue around the tip.

My teeth clenched, and it started. I shouted to warn her, and the flood came. She’d sealed her lips around the tip and was working her tongue over my opening as I released my load into her mouth. She swallowed as she went, but missed a little that oozed down from the corner of her mouth. Fuck, that’s sexy.

My strength left me, and I put my hands on her shoulders to keep from falling. She squeezed at the base and milked any remaining cum into her mouth. One final swallow and she released my dick with a little pop. Smiling, she stood and kissed me, and I cleaned off the little that she’d missed, rolling it between our tongues.

She withdrew from the kiss, and I guess the realization of our agreement hit her, because the sheepish expression returned to her face. My cock didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and thus ruin the chance of this happening again, so I pulled her back into a hug and kissed her once more. Then, still bottomless, I grabbed my wallet off the counter and placed some bills into her hand.

“I have to go,” she said, then gathered her purse, and was out of the door. I heard a car door, an engine start, and she was gone.

Left standing in the kitchen, I looked down at my cock, and we both had the same thought: Holy shit. That had to be the best blowjob of our life. Neither of us could believe that had just happened. In fact, it had happened so fast that I hadn’t had time to consider the implications. Muttering to myself, I decided to do chores.

1. Cut grass – check

2. Clean pool – check

3. Weed garden – check

Tired and sweaty, I wandered into the kitchen for a cold one. It went down like Kool-aid, and I reached for another. Noticing the time, I wondered what was keeping my wife. We were going to have to talk, but she wasn’t here, so I decided on a shower. Clean and dressed, I sat on the couch to finish my second beer.

I heard an engine shut off, followed by a car door, then keys jingling in the lock. My wife walked in with groceries, but something was different. Instead of her usual ponytail and no makeup, her hair was done to the nines, her makeup was flawless, and her toes and fingers matched her lips.

When my eyes met hers, she said, “Hey, babe, sorry I’m late.”

“Hey yourself. Are you going somewhere?”

“I know, I know. I splurged a bit.”

“A bit?”

“Don’t worry though, I did a little something to earn extra money. ”

A little something, huh? You could say that… We still needed to talk, but right then, all I could think about were those lips.

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