Is there any thing better than two beautiful girls making out?

It’s a beautiful day, and Kristen is out in the garden. She spots her girlfriend Lana dancing inside and decides to join her. The girls groove out and get closer and closer with each second. Like in a movie, their eyes lock, and they stop. Lana goes in and gives Kristen a deep, passionate kiss. The girls take it over to the couch, where they make out. Their tongues are battling each other and soft moans are escaping their mouths. Is there any thing better than two beautiful girls kissing? I don’t think so. Kristen lifts Lana’s top and sucks on her petite breasts. She takes her pink nipple in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it. Her young titties are so sensitive. She gives her nipples plenty of love and affection. Lana returns the favor, but Kristen prefers to be in charge. She takes off her girlfriend’s socks and worships her toes. The girls keep teasing each other for a bit longer before they lose their bottoms. Their wet pussies are throbbing in anticipation. Lana lies back so Kristen can get on top, and they 69. She likes Kristen’s clit, making her moan. This only makes Kristen speed up, driving the other girl to an orgasm. Not wanting to leave her unsatisfied, Lana gets her girlfriend to get on her knees so she can eat her ass. She gently tongues her little asshole while playing with Kristen’s pussy. This makes her squirt hard. Again, Lana gets on her back, and Kristen sucks on her clit while staring intensely into her eyes. She flicks her clit with her tongue several times and then takes it in between her lips, tugging slightly, then rolling her tongue around it. Lana rubs her nicely trimmed pussy as the other girl makes her cum again. The naked girls get into position to scissor so both of them can feel good at the same time. The young lesbians grind their vaginas together, getting closer to orgasm with each movement. Their clits bump against each other and their pussy lips intertwine. At each push slapping noises arise from the force of their pussies kissing. Kristen goes up and sits on Lana’s face, and she immediately goes to please her pussy lips. Having come countless times, the naked girls do one final 69 and scissoring, orgasming in unity. Sweaty and tired, they share a long kiss and enjoy being in each other’s arms. It is so fun and erotic watching two beautiful ladies devouring each other and bringing each other to multiple orgasms. Lana is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen; and her body and shape is perfect. Her face is gorgeous with its blue eyes, cute nose, pink lips and beautiful, flowing brunette hair. Her natural breasts are the perfect size and shape and her erect nipples grow when they are sucked and her areolas are round and pink and gorgeous. Lana’s pussy is pink and wet and very inviting and her round butt is so firm yet so soft. Her legs are extremely sexy. Kirsten is also lovely with her long hair and beautiful smile and natural breast and cute pussy and lips and edible but hole and nice ass and trim, shapely legs.






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