Sexy gym babe gives a fan a private workout session

Lily is a successful fitness influencer, though most of her fans follow her for her massive tits and her perfect booty. One day, she got hired for a personal, one-on-one session with a guy. Little did she know, he’s a massive pervert who was jerking off to her latest gym video. She starts him off easy, just a bit of stretching. The guy follows along but never stops staring at her amazing ass, barely covered by those tiny shorts. When she spots his hard-on, she decides it’s time to switch workout regimes. Lily gets the oil from her sport bag and puts it on her tits. Baldo is shocked but returns to reality when she asks him to oil up her ass. They move over to do hip thrusts, and she sits directly on his dick to “add weight.” She teases him briefly before his dick peeks out of his shorts. The sexy gym babe has him rip off her clothes and eat her ass. After she’s been warmed up, he jams his cock in her pussy. With every thrust, he makes Lily’s fat thighs and tits jiggle. She rewards his efforts with a sloppy blowjob. He fucks her face, but she’s able to take it deep down her throat. Lily mounts a yoga ball to give him a better angle so he can fuck her thick ass. Nicely lubed up, it slides in and out of her effortlessly. Anal makes her orgasm the hardest. He starts slamming balls deep into her sexy ass, making her pussy squirt every time he drives into her asshole. The babe then lies on top of him and spreads her legs, showing off her pink pubes and pussy. He pulls out of her asshole and goes back to fuck her mouth. After a few more reps of anal and vaginal, he’s ready to burst. He feeds Lily a nice hefty dose of protein shake.






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