The New Oasis

A Continuation of the Series “An Oasis in North Africa

Teddie had just left the twins’ bedroom.  She’d told them a story and said prayers with them, then tucked them in.  The autumn night poked cold fingers into the corners of the house and made the hallway chilly.  In the master bedroom, she met Steve, fresh from his shower.

“You look pretty tired, baby,” she observed sympathetically.

“Practically dead,” he grunted with a wry smile.  “The kids in bed?”

“And asleep.”

Another brief grunt, most likely of approval, rumbled in Steve’s throat.

“Darling, you know you haven’t gotten home till ten at night the last two weeks,” Teddie continued, “not to mention all the stress of moving into this house.  I think… you need something.”

Steve took a long breath, ruffling up his damp hair with both hands.  “Bed, I guess,” he mused.

His wife smiled.  “Well… that’s usually what you do: come home, eat something, take a shower, and fall into bed.  And lately, the kids are still awake when you get in because of the excitement of being in a new house.  It’s been crazy and unsettled.  But tonight, they’re fast asleep, and we’re alone.”  The last words were softened with seductive warmth, which immediately caught Steve’s attention.  He glanced at her.

“Things have been so busy the last few weeks, I sort of gave up looking for it,” he confessed.

“I’m sorry.  I think I discouraged it a few times, and I shouldn’t have,” Teddie whispered, coming to him and putting her arms around his neck.  “How in the world could I keep away from you?”

He wrapped her close to him in the easy, affectionate hold of a longtime husband.  “Mmm, you feel good.  You smell good,” he murmured, breathing in the fragrance of her hair and body.

“So do you,” she grinned, nuzzling his jawline with her lips.  A little groan broke from him.  “You like that, don’t you?”

“Teddie…” and Steve quickly found her mouth and kissed her, hard and long.

When their lips parted, Teddie gazed into his eyes a little dazedly.  “That reminds me of the first time… remember, on our wedding night?”

“I couldn’t forget it,” Steve returned, leading her slowly toward their bed.  “How many guys went to war, survived Nazi attacks in the desert, met a beautiful girl, married her, and made love in a Spanish hideout?”

“Not too many, I’m thinking, but I’m mighty glad I’m married to one who did,” and Teddie allowed him to draw her down as her voice sank alluringly.

For a minute or two, they kissed in their deep desire, Steve’s muscular form pressing over his wife’s slender one, his hands grasping her soft upper arms.  Then he paused to caress her cheek with his fingers.  “I thank God many times a day that He kept us both alive, that we could know this love together, and start a family, and build our home.”

“Oh, I do too!” Teddie averred.  Her eyes, tender and a little wet, were fixed on his face.  “Those months—after you had to go back to your battalion and I was sent to London—I was so afraid.  Afraid I’d hear you’d been killed.  And having known what it was to be… loved by you, I couldn’t have borne it.”

“Praise to God that neither of us had to,” whispered Steve, touching his lips all over her forehead, her eyelids, her chin.  “You don’t know how relieved I was when I finally came back and found you’d left the newspaper.  Remember the assignment you were on when we met? You were in as much danger as I was.”

Smiling to herself and reveling in the big masculine body covering her, Teddie pulled him in closer, hooking her arms under his shoulders.  “Do you know what tomorrow is?”

He thought for a second, then grinned in a very endearing way.  “Ten years ago, I married the most beautiful woman on earth.  Am I right?”

“You got it,” she laughed softly.  “Can you believe it’s been ten years?”


“I thought I was mad for you then, but it gets worse every day,” she confided.

“I was going to say something very similar,” he replied, eyes glued to her lips, his voice growing a little hoarse with hunger.  “I love you, Teddie, love, love, love you! Maybe we’re an old married couple now, but I think I’m as wild for you as if I was a teenager.”

“Show me how much that is,” she pleaded softly.  “Show me, my handsome, sexy man.”

Before she’d finished speaking, his hands attacked her in tender wildness, and he lapped at her neck.  Her robe had come loose, and he pulled it away to reveal the lacy black slip with its sweetheart neckline.  Pregnancy and nursing her babies had enlarged Teddie’s breasts, and though Steve had loved them in their smallness, the fresh plump mounds lured him to lick and nibble them more passionately.

“Oh yes, darling, yes! I love feeling your lips on me,” she whispered.

A little groan of agreement was all he could get out.  He made his way back up to her mouth and kissed her again.

With deft hands, she grabbed the hem of his undershirt and peeled it off of him, revealing the broad chest she loved so much.  She recalled, as if it were an hour ago, an incident when she and Steve had been traveling together in the North African desert during the war.  It was night, and a noise startled them, prompting him to throw himself protectively over her.  All very innocent, except he’d been shirtless, and his exposed muscular body pressing against her had aroused her very much.

Steve must have been remembering that, too, because he lowered himself over her until he was crushing her breasts, and his breath softly caressed her lips.

“I had a hard time holding myself in when we were first like this.  Remember?” he asked with an arching of his eyebrow.

“Yes, and I probably wouldn’t have been angry if you hadn’t.  But I’m glad you waited.  It made the wedding night so much more wonderful,” she averred.  She raised her head enough to catch his lips, and the kisses became hotter.

Steve’s hands roamed over his wife, the smooth skin of her shoulders and arms and then her thighs a delight to his fingers.  She was stroking his hard back, noting to herself the knotted muscles and suntanned warmth of his skin.

“How many times… have we made love, do you think?” Steve whispered in her ear.

“It’s always been so… grand… I stopped counting,” she said.  She realized she was grinding her hips up against his, also that the front of his pajama bottoms was beginning to solidly bulge.

“Yet it’s… new… delicious… each time,” he murmured.  His fingers were creeping towards the moist flame of her secret place, and she was tingling.

“So delicious,” she agreed, her eyelids sinking in bliss.  “Oh yes, touch me, baby.”

“Where? Where should I touch?” He kissed her collarbone.

“Don’t tease me! You know where!”

Smiling devilishly, Steve moved his fingers farther from the place that ached to feel him and her pelvis involuntarily followed.

“Tell me where, baby,” he encouraged, his voice low and deep and dripping with sex.  “I want to hear what it is that makes me so delicious to you.”

“Steve! I’m going to go batty…” she moaned.

“From what?”

“You talking like that.  It’s… steamy.”

“I like steam.  I need steam if my engine’s going to run,” he said as he gave a significant nudge against her with his hips.

“I want your hands all over me,” Teddie burst out, throwing away all inhibitions.  “Your fingers deep in my cunt, wet and slick and hot and filling me until you’ll give me your cock.”

“Yes, baby! Yes, that’s it! Go on!” and an aroused Steve put his fingers back at her entrance, probing, stroking, squeezing the thick petals of sensitive flesh together.

“Grab my breasts and my butt… knead me like dough!” she begged.  “Wait… let me get this off.”  She pushed him off her and sat up to pull her slip off.  He helped her, then gently forced her to lie down again.  It was easy to fill his hands with her soft warm buttocks and massage them deeply, all while he rested his head on her breasts and drank the flavor from her skin.

“You like licking me, don’t you?” Teddie whispered, shivering as he dragged his tongue over her very pointy nipples.

“Better than anything, except actually being inside you,” he groaned, his eyes flicking up to meet hers.

“Down there, baby, please,” she implored, gently pushing his head towards her crotch.  In a second, his face was pressed into her shining wet folds, and his mouth hard at work, lapping up her nectar.

“It’s like wine; baby, you’re making me drunk,” he murmured, his breath cool on her steaming flower.

“Drink me, drink me until I can’t give anymore,” and Teddie fell back, her arms thrown out, thighs parted, as her husband plunged his tongue into her again.  She was writhing, her body startled into shocks of pleasure as he licked and sucked.  It brought back their wedding night and the first time he performed oral sex on her.  She loved it.  The intimacy was so intense, added to the knowledge that Steve alone would ever do things like this to her and see her so wanton and rapturous.

But she was eager to please him, especially since she felt remorseful for neglecting to meet his needs the last few weeks.  She pulled him up and kissed him, then made him lie down.

“Teddie… baby…” Steve sighed a little unevenly as she stripped him of his pants and bared his solid shaft.

“Relax and enjoy yourself,” she encouraged softly, lowering her face until her lips were close to his rod.  “I want to pleasure you, darling.”  And she gave the head of his penis a broad lick.

“Oh, God!” The words broke from Steve thickly and his head fell back.  As Teddie proceeded to sensually devour his manhood, he lost himself to the wet, warm caress of her mouth.

She delighted in returning the favor of oral lovemaking.  Her eyes would dart up to her husband’s face again and again and her insides would quiver as he shook and tensed at her touch.  It was glorious to hold this tender power over him, to rip away his self-control and make him weak as she adored his body.

She sensed that he was nearing the precipice of orgasm and abruptly she stopped.

“Don’t stop now!” he begged, frantic.

She crawled up and kissed him—leisurely, carnal kisses that kept him hovering near that brink.  Her practiced hands rubbed over his chest and belly.  He grabbed her soft buttocks and pulled her on him.  Slowly, she started grinding on the underside of his cock.

“Yes! Yes, baby!” he gasped, his hands on her waist.  “Move those hips! Oh yes! Oh… God!”

Watching him with darkened eyes full of love, she moved over him, reveling in the pleasure she received as she pressed her puffy wet folds into his full hardness.  Her hands rested on his hips.  His sweating face and unsteady mouth pulled at her, and she kissed him again.

“I love you, Steve,” she murmured.

“I love you, baby,” he whispered back, his hands running over her shoulder blades.

“Are you ready to come into me?” she asked.

“Yes! I can’t wait another second,” he returned with prompt eagerness.

She reached for his rod and eased it inside her.  That first touch of his tip to her sensitive entrance always thrilled her, made her need him more.

A long breath left his lungs as he felt himself sheathed in her welcoming warmth.  His eyes were glued to her face, enraptured by the look she got whenever she took in him.

Once he was snugly encased in her channel, she started grinding again.  That way she could both pleasure him and heat up her vulva.  Steve’s groans were music to her ears.  These years of making love had attuned her to him, and she knew he was speeding toward the point of no return.  She rode him deeply, the way he liked it.

The combination of his hoarse grunts and occasional curses and the wet friction between her clitoris and his pubic bone sent her suddenly to the edge.  With a brief cry, she tightened up and trembled, feeling her inner walls contract.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh, my God! Oh, Steve…” and she gasped for air.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy when you cum,” Steve grunted.  Her climax had pushed him into a crazed need for completion, and he began to thrust roughly up into her.

Teddie welcomed it, wanting him to get release.  She lifted her hips to meet his pounding.  All she could hear was the receding rush of orgasm in her ears and the slap of Steve’s full balls on her sweaty skin.  She gripped him, lying flush on his torso.

Steve was breathing hard, and his thrusts became erratic.  “Yes… I’m cumming… Teddie… oh, God… oh, my God…”

“Cum in me, Steve! Yes, baby, fill me with your hot cream! I need your semen in me!” she encouraged huskily, her lips at his ear.

He held her as he convulsed.  Teddie distinctly felt his thick cock pulsate as it spurted its liquid contents up into her womb.  She savored the feeling, as well as the sound of her husband’s strained cries.  There was nothing to compare to her beloved man gifting her his most intimate substance.

“Good grief!” he laughed weakly as he came down from the peak.  “Oh baby, that was so good! The best orgasm I’ve had in some time!”

“You deserved it,” she said, kissing his lips.  “And from the amount of cum you just flooded me with, you needed it, too.”

He chuckled, enfolding his arms around her warm, damp body.  “Have I told you you’re the most wonderful wife a guy ever had?” he asked, gazing into her eyes tenderly.

“A time or two, I think,” she said with a coy grin.  “Happy anniversary, my love.”

“Oh, the anniversary hasn’t even started,” he rejoined, his heavy hand gliding down over her bottom.

She arched into him, giving a significant wiggle of her hips.  “I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

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