Mutual Partnership

My wife and I (in our 30’s) have recently explored mutual masturbation.  One of her vibrators stopped taking a charge. When I ordered that vibrator for her, I also added a dildo to have fun with.  It’s bright pink, six inches long with a medium girth. * When it came time to choose, I made sure it wasn’t bigger than me. (I don’t like competition).  She was never fond of dildos, just never preferred them as an insertion toy. She always enjoyed vibrators as she’s a “fun button” kind of person.  This makes oral a routine thing for us.

One time while we were having sex, I had her up on a wedge, and she asked me to get her dildo so she could use it on her clit.  I gladly obliged.  I repositioned in front of her, held each of her ankles in my hands and spread her legs out at a 45-degree angle and just started giving her full thrusts.  With me being around the 7-inch mark I could feel myself hitting quite deep.  I looked down watching her rub her clit vigorously with this pink dildo.  I noticed that she was coming close to finishing, so I heightened my angle and started plunging downward into her.  That’s all she needed. Watching her orgasm from using a dildo for the first time, I held myself deep in her and started pouring my seed inside of her.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. We have a full Sunday routine.  Even if we’ve had a stressful week or felt we haven’t connected, it’s our reset day.  No matter what, we physically connect.  Part of that is that we shower together.  It’s fully intimate as we wash each other from top to bottom.  We normally don’t have sex during this shower time; we take time to care for each other.

I fully wash her body, of course concentrating on a couple of areas.  We have a seat that we put in the shower so she doesn’t have to kneel on a hard surface to let me wash her hair at a comfortable height. I take my time with the scalp massager and ensure I scrub every bit of her head as she holds it back. I finish by placing her forehead against my stomach so I can rub the top of her back and shoulders, then finish with a head massage as the hot water trickles down us. By placing her head there, my cock is right in front of her.  Occasionally, she’ll reach up and cradle my balls in her hand and simply roll them around.  I absolutely love ball play. Afterward, I rinse her off and let her take care of me.

This Sunday, after she thoroughly lathered me up, she got out of the shower first so I could rinse off.  I toweled off and walked into the bedroom to find her lying on the bed with her head slightly hanging off. I was semi-flaccid but holding onto pretty good girth from the shower.  Finding her like this, I immediately started to rise and straighten right out.  As I walked toward her, she parted her legs and started warming herself up.

“Why don’t you place yourself over my face and get yourself started,” she said.  She’s not one for blowjobs, mainly due to my girth.  I respect her and don’t push for it (although I miss blowjobs greatly). She does these little acts to make up for it, and they’re greatly appreciated.

I walked right up to her and played with her tits, finishing with some nipple pinching with enough pressure right before it gets painful.  Our bed is higher than average, so as I positioned myself right in front of her, my package was basically resting right on her face—no need to stoop down. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my member just lying across her from her forehead right down to her chin.

She gave me a kiss right below the head, and I started stroking my cock.  As I did so, my balls were bouncing across her face—such a visual turn-on.  I occasionally gave her a few soft slaps across the face with my rock-hard shaft.  She turned her face toward me, allowing my balls to rest on her mouth as I continue to work myself. I looked forward toward her after I heard her wet fingers making progress.

We repositioned on the bed so she could sit up on pillows, and I got in front of her. I set up the wedge so I could use it as a backrest, then slid in toward her so we were sitting face-to-face, both reclining, with her legs on top of mine.  We were so close to each other that as I continued to stroke myself, my balls bounced onto her pussy occasionally.  She then took her dildo and slid it down from her clit and parted her lips. She traced this line up and down a few times, splitting herself.  My eyes fixed on her exclusively and eagerly.

My wife took the tip of her toy inside of her repeatedly, and it glistened each time it came out. As soon as I said how much I enjoy seeing her use it, she buried it deep inside of her.

I let out a moan for her as I’ve wanted to watch her use this on herself for ages. I pick up the pace, stroking my cock  and making sure to go the full length.  She held the toy in her all the way while her hand moved to the balls of the dildo. Using the balls as a handle, she continued to thrust this pink cock into her.  She buried it over and over again.  As the balls slammed into her, I heard the sound of her wet pussy being smacked with it.  This took me over the edge.

I started taking short, deep breaths, and she knew I was about to explode.  She buried the dildo one final time, put her hand over the end of it to hold it deep inside, and started grinding away. She started moaning with her mouth closed and then let out a few whimpers, getting louder and louder. That was it for me; I can’t hold out any longer.

I let out a couple of good, light sprays of cum all over her pussy, followed by ropes of cum that covered everything up to her tits. After a good 4-5 shots splashing down onto her, I looked up to see a single drop slowly dripping off of the tip of her chin.  Her eyes were closed as she was exhausted. My cock started to hang again, resting across her pussy as we sat there for a few minutes before getting up to clean up once again.

We perform this act at least 1-2 times a month now. Highly recommend.

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