Sexy naked girl gets her stepdad to be her personal photographer

Lila wanted to apply for a modeling job and needed someone to help take pictures for her portfolio. Her stepdad was pretty liberal about that kind of stuff and was happy to do it. Some innocent poses, showing a bit of breast here, some panty there, but nothing crazy. His jaw dropped when she took off her top and said to take some nude shots. Then she pulled down her panties and spread her legs, exposing her bald cunt in front of him! He took some photos of her pussy and her titties. With this more intimate photo session done, the naked girl wanted to reward him properly. Mom wasn’t going to be home for a while, giving them enough time to do anything. Lila makes out with her stepdad while he fondles her cute tits. Not wanting to leave any traces in the kitchen, she suggests they fuck in her bedroom. Like a true gentleman, he eats her out for a bit before sticking his already erect cock in. She was always daddy’s girl, and now he was fucking her tight teenage pussy. Maybe he was hoping something like this would happen as he pounds her with vigor. Wanting it to last a bit longer, he pulls out and has her suck him off. Not new to giving blowjobs, the teen babe takes it all in one go while looking straight into her stepdad’s eyes. Ready for more, he takes her from behind so he can enjoy looking at her booty and face at the same time. The sexy naked girl grinds back into her dad, giving mom a run for her money. She gets on top and rides him like a pro, moving her hips like a trained dancer. Seeing that daddy can’t take much more, Lila gets off him and sits on the side of the bed. He cums in her mouth, and she swallows every last drop.






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