Teenage girl didn’t expect her online boyfriend to be a 40 year old man

They met on a dating site a few months ago. Since then, Leslie has looked forward to her next chat with her erotic pen pal, Jonah. From his description, she formed an image of a man her age, tall, with blonde hair, and funny. They finally decided to meet in real life, and Jonah suggested that they do so at his house. The man that opened the door wasn’t Jonah, but his father, apparently. The teen girl comes inside to wait for him but feels that something is off. His dad was uncomfortably touchy and gave her creepy compliments. When she sends a text to see what’s up, to her shock, his dad’s phone lights up. It turns out Jonah is actually this old pervert! As she runs to leave, the man grabs her hand and tries to explain. He might not be what she imagined, but the conversations they had were real. They had a connection! As afraid as she was, she lets him get close, and they kiss. The old man takes the teen babe over to a sofa and lifts up her skirt. Her lovely young pussy is right here in front of his face! He artfully licks her pussy with the experience only an older man can have. The girl relaxes as pleasure spreads from her lower half. She goes back to make out with her unexpected lover, and they help each other strip. She’s once again shocked, but this time at the size of his dick. Nervous but willing to go through with it, the sexy naked girl takes the older man’s cock in her mouth.


Her goal now was to please him, and she did so by licking up and down his shaft, all the way down to his balls. With the foreplay done, he lifts up Leslie’s leg and gently sticks his large member inside her already soaked pussy. He helps her bounce up and down his erect dick, all while giving her a deep kiss. Her young tight pussy feels amazing! She never expected to have sex with a man who was old enough to be her father. And yet, here she was, moaning as he penetrated her. Paying great attention to her clit and nipples, he kept thrusting, making sure she enjoyed every second of it. He then turns her around and fucks her from the back. He fondles her perky breasts while vigorously pounding at her tight vag. The sight of this young woman gave him the energy he thought he’d long since lost. He sits down and has her climb on top of him. As if they were lovers for years, they hold each other closely, all while the beautiful naked girl moves her petite body up and down. He let her continue working her gorgeous ass up and down on his cock. Her youthful passion was too much for him to handle, and he was ready to finish. She gets down on her knees and receives a thick load of cum, making sure none of it goes to waste. After cleaning up, she secretly looks at his laptop. One last shock as she discovers he’s chatting up more young girls!






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