Better Than the Romance Novel

Guy was in a late meeting, and I had the house to myself. Soaking in a long, relaxing bath, I was reading a sexy romance novel, fantasizing that I was the naughty girl in the story.

As the plot became more erotic, I began teasing my clitoris, enjoying the mental image of the naked, handsome man in the book.

I decided to dry off and continue my fantasy in bed. I watched myself in the mirror as I dried off, and it felt good to see how fit I was, even in my 30s. And the bath had left my skin fresh and warm. I moved to the bedroom and got comfy.

The narrative shifted to where the couple ended up in the 69 position, having unbridled oral sex. By now my climax was building, and I wished Guy were home to fulfill my craving for making love.

Just then my phone beeped—a text from Guy said he was five minutes away. I took a picture of myself masturbating and sent it to him. Within two minutes, he rushed through the door and into our bedroom, pulling at his clothes to get naked.

I immediately attacked him with kisses, pulling him to the bed, and putting him in position for 69 sex. Yes! That’s what I  fantasized about: his hard, delicious dick in my hot mouth while his talented tongue ravished my fresh, yearning pussy.

In minutes, I erupted in a violent orgasm, driving my pussy into his mouth as his tongue plunged deep inside me. I can’t quite describe the ecstasy.  Then Guy put me on my stomach, spread my legs, and inserted his rock-hard dick in my wet, throbbing pussy.

My butt was against his groin area as he drove his length inside me. I could feel his skin touching my “rosebud,” exciting me even more.  I wished we could do this all night. His dick made me feel so good that I almost cried with pleasure.

After several minutes of him thrusting inside me, I felt another orgasm building. “Oh, Guy, I’m… I’m  gonna cum…” He thrust harder, and our skin crashed together, making those distinct sounds of passionate sex.

His climax built too, and he groaned loudly as he came. And a few seconds later, I came too. We both moaned with ecstatic release as he filled me with his hot love cream, still thrusting into me to prolong the pleasure.

Yes, the book was stimulating, but our passionate lovemaking is real—and so satisfying. I can’t wait until our next sexcapade. Shoot, we could write our own sexy romance novels!

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