Both mom and daughter want to taste the gardener’s big juicy eggplant

What set out to be a dull day with mom in the garden winds up being fantastic. She needed an extra pair of hands, so she hired this gardener dude. Our slutty teen couldn’t care less about plants and stuff, but she did spot one of his large tools. While mom was busy trimming the hedge, she took him behind a tree and pulled his shorts down. He must’ve had plenty of sun and water as he grew a mighty fine cucumber. With her stepmom still in sight, the little slut puts the whole thing in her mouth and starts to suck it. Not what he expected, but the gardener just goes with it. She kept working her mouth all over his dick and his fat balls. Once he was nicely lubed up, the girl pulled down her tiny shorts and got him to put them in. Having her stepmom in sight made her extra horny and wet, so his cock slid in effortlessly. The teens try to keep quiet, not to alert the mistress of the house, but a few moans escape. Luckily, the woman goes to the other side of the garden, and they pick up the pace. Just as they start to enjoy it, stepmom returns and catches them in the act. He started counting his prayers, but to his surprise, both girls dropped to their knees and sucked his erect dick. The MILF knows a thing or two about raising things as she helps her stepdaughter mature into a slut. She helps the gardener fuck her harder, talking dirty to both of them. After the little miss had her fun, it was mommy’s turn. This MILF lost count of how many cocks has been in her, but her mature twat still feels amazing! He makes her fat ass bounce with every thrust while she eats her stepdaughter’s pussy. The naked girls take it over to the bedroom, where he fucks both of them for a bit longer. Ready to burst, he covers them in his seed.






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