Dad charms the slutty teacher with his fat penis

Like any parent, our hero today wants the best for his offspring. His boy, unfortunately, isn’t really keen on studying. His young teacher wants to help but just can’t reach him. She invited the dad for a parent-teacher conference so they could work something out. Once they got the formal stuff out of the way, the sexy young woman suggested a deal. One Dad was happy to be a part of. Other than being an educator, our teacher is an expert cock hunter, and she spotted a big one. She pulled down his pants, and her first reflex was to put the fat penis in her mouth. She gets out of her uniform in a second, gets on the desk, and spreads her long slim legs. Her pussy is right here in front of him, young, pink, dripping wet, waiting for him to enter. Unlike his son, Dad has excellent oral skills. His tongue plays with the teacher’s pink pussy and teases her clit. Once her clit was throbbing, his monster dong penetrated the school’s biggest slut. Her tiny cunt could barely contain all of the meat being stuffed into it. The way she moans tells you exactly how she got her teaching degree and probably her job too. Unable to fit it all like this, Dad sits down and has Ms. Slut get on top. She loved getting her hole stretched out. The fact she was at school completely left her mind. All she could think of right now was sex. To make up for his son’s lack of performance in P.E., she wanted his dad to give her a rough pounding. Ever the athlete, Dad takes it as a challenge and vigorously slams away at the skinny naked girl. Her whole body shivered as she orgasms. Finally, she wanted him to sign her face with his cum. He covered the kinky teacher in hot, sticky jizz.






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