County Fair (RP)

It’s a hot August day, my 56th birthday, and Mary Beth is working in the church food stand at the fair.  I’ve finished up working on the farm and cleaned up, so I go to see if they need help or at least to get something to eat.

When I arrive, Mary Beth is there with three other women from the church.  The four of them are by far the most attractive women in the congregation.  They are very busy and, needless to say, most of the customers are young men.

I step up to order when it’s my turn, and Mary Beth looks up, shocked but happy to see me.

“What can I get you, sir?” she asks.

After I place my order, she says, “Is that all?”

I smirk. “Well, since you asked, ma’am, why don’t you meet me in the dance barn when you finish your shift?”

She blushes. “I will be done in 30 minutes. You’ll just have to see if I show up or not.” She hands me my food, and I wink and walk away.

With time to spare, I’m leaning against the barn waiting for Mary Beth.  I see her walking closer and notice she’s changed into a pair of jeans that look painted on, a white tank top with her cleavage bursting out, and a flannel shirt. She has her hair up in pigtails.

I take her hand and lead her into the barn, and we start dancing to “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes” by Dierks Bentley.

Pulling her lithe body tight to me, my hand finds the top of her shapely ass. My cock starts swelling in my jeans, throbbing against her belly.  Her body shivers in my firm grip as we bump into people trying to dance.

When the song ends, Mary Beth pulls my head down and asks, “Is there someplace with fewer people where we could go and get to know one another better?” She follows up the request with a nibble on my ear lobe.

I take her hand, wrap it under my arm, and escort her from the barn. We walk down the brightly-lit midway, weaving through the crowds and laughing like two kids on a first date.  We draw glances, perhaps because we are older than most—or maybe it’s how tiny she is compared to me.

I lead her to the horse barn; she loves loves horses.  As I slide my hand down over her tight ass and squeeze it, she moans and presses back into my caress while leaning against the stall, petting one horse.  My cock is throbbing and bent up in the confines of my jeans.  We move to another stall, and she bends over to pick up a handful of hay, pressing her ass against my throbbing cock teasingly in the process. Letting out a low moan, she grinds a little.

When we get to the end of the barn, I spin her around, press her against the wall, and kiss her long and deep.  By the time I release her lips, she’s panting, and her eyes look like glass in the moonlight.  I take her hand and draw her over to a horse trailer half-filled with hay from our neighbors’ farm. I open the door and she steps inside, practicallypanting for me. I close the door behind us.

Biting her lower lip, Mary Beth steps backwards until she is pressed against the bales of hay.  I smile at the sexy gesture and remove my flannel shirt.  As I step closer to her, she slides her hands over my work-toned body, which is already damp with sweat in the cramped, crowded space.  I moan when her delicate fingers find my nipples, and she looks up at me and giggles.

Next, her palms slide down my abs and over the huge bulge in my jeans.  She lets out a long sigh as I groan and press into her hands. I press and knead her big tits and pinch her nipples through her tank top.

Mary Beth unbuckles my belt, unzips my pants, and shoves her hand in to pull out my turgid cock.  I moan as she wraps both her hands around it and slides down to her knees.  Kissing and licking my cock head, she looks up and smiles before pushing it past her tightened lips into her mouth. Her steady grip keeps me from pushing my full length into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, fuck!” I moan, as she sucks and licks the head. My knees shake. “That’s it, suck it. Yessss.”

Soon, Mary Beth removes a hand and takes more of my cock into her mouth. She gags as it hits the back of her throat.  Her lips are stretched and tightly clamped around my shaft.

“Oh yesss, yesss!”

Mary Beth senses I’m about to cum, so she slides my cock out of her mouth.  With a saucy smile, she stands to undo her jeans and wiggles them down past her ass cheeks.  Then she turns around, gives her hips another shake, and bends over the hay. Grabbing her ass, she pulls her cheeks open, showing me her hot, wet, smooth pussy and little flower.

A loudspeaker announces the fair will close in thirty minutes.

Stepping behind Mary Beth, I rub my cock over her pussy and asshole. She shudders and moans.  I grab her pig tails and pull her head back, simultaneously easing my cock’s head into her pussy.  Her small frame vibrates as I slowly and steadily push my entire shaft into her, feeling her warm, wet folds envelope me.Then, I slowly pull out and shove it back in—harder, faster as the minutes tick by—making my hips slap against her ass and driving her into the hay.

Mary Beth gasps with each thrust as I pound her. Her pussy starts pulsing, and she cries out word-like sounds.

I pull her head back more and kiss her deeply, as her body shakes and her juices squirt out around the cock still slamming into her. They splash against my thighs as she shakes again, then her eyes flutter as her body goes limp.

I hear her call out my name as I shoot several long, hard loads. This mixes with her cum, and the combination pours out of her as I slide my cock out.

Mary Beth lets out a contented sigh, and her legs wobble as she rises. I tuck my cock back in and fasten my fly, then pull her soaked jeans up as she slowly comes around.  She pulls herself into me and kisses me deeply.

“Mmmm, you sure know how to show a girl a good time,” she says.  “I’m working tomorrow. Would you like to show me more of the fair tomorrow night?”

I grin and answer, “Of course. What’s your name?”

She kisses me again, tells me to meet her tomorrow, and she’ll tell me her name.  She then turns and walks out of the trailer.  I’ve just step out and latched the trailer door when my phone rings.

“Hey baby, we got caught short handed, so I have to drop the deposit off, and then I’ll be home.”

“All good, baby. Take your time, and be safe.  I love you.”

After hanging up, I wonder where her hot sexy mind is going to take this.

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