A Quick Stroke Before Coffee

I wake up before my wife and head to the kitchen to start making a coffee. We use a pour-over coffee maker as our preference, so after the tea kettle stops, I pour the water over the coffee grounds and let it work its magic.  While I wait, I lean back against the counter, and my robe parts.  I’m wearing nothing underneath, and my cock stirs to life. Without hesitation, I start stroking away as the smell of coffee begins to fill the air. I normally wake up at least at half-mast every day; getting the rest of the way there on this particular morning was no problem.  I give an occasional tug on my balls; they’re hanging really nicely today.

I don’t notice my wife peeking around the corner, getting an eyeful.  Wearing only a pair of cheeky bed shorts, she just watches me going to town on myself. It’s different when you think no one is watching you; I feel like we masturbate a little more freely and primally when we think we’re alone.

I can feel my balls swaying back and forth as my wife (unbeknownst to me) watches them bounce with each jerk of my cock.  She starts working her hands into her shorts while trying to be as quiet as possible. She finds her clit and starts making small circles.

It doesn’t take long for my build-up to start.  I let out a couple of deep breaths,  then hold my breath as I reach my peak. Spurts of cum hit the kitchen floor with a splat that surprises my wife. I keep up aggressive strokes until there’s nothing left to come out of me, then shake my cock to throw each and every drop of cum onto the floor.  Bracing my hands on the counter, I lean back to catch my breath and calm down. My cock, still swollen, is now slowly falling as it pulses in sync with my heartbeat.

That’s when I glance over and see a beautiful, smiling lady who just enjoyed a morning show. I greet her with a proud smile, having put in some work to provide it. Then I clean up my mess as she finishes making the coffee.  We sit at the table, she topless and me with my robe still open, and she gives me her reaction to the morning’s event.

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