Beautiful naked woman puts on a masturbation show in the bathroom

His family hired a new maid recently. She was a bit older but took great care to keep her body youthful and slender. He needed to have her. After she was done for the day, he offered her a bit of paid overtime. Rather than clean the house, he wanted to clean herself. Getting paid to take a hot bath and getting paid for it seems like the deal of a lifetime. The sexy woman looked absolutely stunning in the white bra with matching panties. He could see her dark areola through the sheer fabric, her nipples straining against the bra. Her trimmed bush was visible as well, and he could not help but run his tongue over her lips. As he continued to bite and suck at her hard nipples, his fingers began to trace her slit through the white panties, which were soaking wet. She finally took off her panties while he had to sit still and watch. After a quick wash, the naked woman spread her legs for him and began playing with her clit. She looked at him sitting on the edge of the bath with her legs spread open. The MILF began to rub her wet pussy more vigorously as she squeezed her nipple with one hand. Having an orgasm in front of him, she cried out, and just as her cry escaped her lips, her fingers plunged deep into her pussy, making her legs shake. With the show done, he helped her dry off. She pressed her killer body against him. His mouth ran down her stomach, pressing against her belly button, making her moan, and then continued their way down to her mound.


She was a tall, stunning young woman with a gorgeous body, a slender waist, long shapely legs and large perky breasts. He began sucking her labia and her clit in his mouth. Nothing better than eating a freshly washed cunt! The naked woman just kept squeezing her nipples with both hands, having another orgasm, this time in his mouth. Her mouth wanted his cock. Hell, she needed his hot throbbing cock in her mouth! The beautiful naked woman got on her knees and began licking his cock, making sure to taste every bit of it. A blowjob wouldn’t be enough. They got onto his bed, and she skillfully slid his erect penis into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and started rocking back and forth. Loving every inch of it, the babe let the emotions flow out of her in the form of dirty talk and moans. She was so tight he had to stop to prevent himself from cumming. Ever the gentleman, he ate her out while catching his breath. Ready for more, he reinserted it, making her orgasm as it went in. He thought she was enjoying herself too much and started to tease her by pulling out after a few thrusts. The naked woman wanted more and started shaking her hips and moving her butt, taking control of the situation. This was enough to make him burst, as he pulled out and covered her tits in cum.






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