Amazing Wife

My wife is an amazing woman; 76 years of age, and I still hear comments from men and women, young and old, as to how nice my wife looks. She not only looks nice, but she is also a great friend, companion, helpmate, fantastic in bed, and a lady of many talents and skills.

She has taught English, Spanish, algebra, trig, calculus, science and Bible in classrooms. (She is still working every day in a private school.) She has demonstrated her seamstress ability to sew/alter wedding gowns, prom dresses, skirts, jackets, etc.; to hang, tape and mud sheetrock; lay ceramic tile; install vinyl siding; paint houses’ interior and exterior; interior decorate; build 18′ x 33′ x 4′ pool decks and a three car garage w/living quarters; get dirty/greasy working on and under automobiles; and work in spider-infested crawl spaces under houses.

She has done all of these things and more, in spite of having 21 surgeries—4 C-Sections; 2 open heart valve replacements; and 4 feet of gangrenous intestine removed and then minor gall bladder, tendon repairs, hernia, etc. On top of all of this, she is always helping other people and inviting them to our home for food and fellowship. The woman is just like the Energizer Bunny—just keeps on going and going. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with this woman for the past 31 years.

We are now working on our 32nd year of marriage, and she is as desirable to me now as she was at age 44. We met at a Christian singles dinner a few months after my late wife’s death from ovarian cancer. I was heartbroken, lonely, and had a big hole in my life after being married for 21 years. When we met, she had just gone through her third divorce the year before, and she definitely was not interested in men. We met once again a couple of months later.

She invited me to attend her church. She was very blunt with me; I didn’t need a woman in my life. I needed the Lord Jesus Christ. I started attending Church services: two on Sunday, Wednesday night, and Friday night fellowships in family homes. That was the most sensible thing I had ever done up to that point.

One Friday night at a fellowship in the wife’s house, I was overwhelmed with a mind-blowing, exhilarating experience. The Lord entered my heart, and I knew then and still do today that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive, and HE is real. My brother had tried for 20 years to bring me to the Lord, and I was not interested.

Thankfully, my first wife’s death and the church invitation from my present wife were used to open my heart to accept the Lord. This woman has been a blessing in my life since the beginning. Soon after accepting the Lord, we started feeling as if we were becoming more than just friends. Since the wife had made three prior poor choices in men, she asked the Pastor if he would be her stand-in father. The Pastor agreed, and I (at 44 years old) went to him asking for permission to court/date my wife. He said it was okay.

A month later, I decided I wanted her for my wife. Once again, she insisted I ask the Pastor for her hand in marriage. He said yes, and we were married six months after our initial meeting. We had no intimate, sexual relations until after our marriage. Although we didn’t have sexual relations, we did have a whole lot of in-depth conversations pertaining to life, sex, religion, family, politics, finances, etc. She let me know that if there was something on her heart/mind, she would let me know. She wasn’t going to hold anything back from me.

During one of our conversations, she informed me that sex was a wife’s duty, not something for the wife’s pleasure. She felt as if she had been nothing more than a cum receptacle in her previous marriages. I let her know that I was going to do everything I could to change that perception once we were married.

We married and had a great night in bed. After not having sex for a long time, her lovely body had me excited too quickly. My climax came before either of us was ready. She let me know what was needed by pushing downward on my head. I was more than thrilled to taste her delicious body and feel her explode on my tongue. She had never before experienced that kind of orgasm.

Both of us absolutely loved it then and still do today. She made me feel whole and complete by being able to bring her such pleasure and enjoyment. Thankfully, she has remained deliciously wet, and I still love tasting her. No matter how hard I tried to hold back my climax, I was unsuccessful. Therefore, we normally felt her cumming on my tongue prior to having intercourse. We have truly been blessed with a great sexual relationship for our entire marriage. Things have been changing for me, but her hot body is still able to climax on my tongue just as it has for all of these years.

The following activity is something that may be of interest to others. We discovered this in our mid-sixties and wish we had discovered it years sooner. There were and are nights when I have the need to enjoy her, and she is just not up to it. She lets me know and suggests a back massage instead.

We both get naked, and she lies on her tummy with me sitting on her backside. I massage her back, neck, and butt for several minutes, and then give her a one-handed massage while I stroke myself with my other hand. I bring myself right to the edge, then stop and go back to rubbing her with two hands.

All the while I am doing the back rub, my wife is clenching and unclenching her butt muscles on my private parts. She is fully participating, and it feels really good. After 3-4 times of stroking myself, I let go and splatter her back. I then go back to massaging. There will be a minute or two when I have to rub her very lightly while her back dries completely. Once dry and smooth, I will then rub her for another 4-5 minutes. We kiss goodnight; roll over and go to sleep. This is a great two-person activity for relieving a man’s need while giving the woman a good back massage.

She has been a great wife both in and out of bed for the past 31+ years, and may we be blessed with more to come. Each and every one of my sexual desires have been fulfilled by this woman. Neither of us have had any need nor desire for any extramarital affair, three-some, or wife swapping. In closing, thank you Lord for giving me this amazing woman.

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