Babysitter earns an extra tip for her virginity

Another amazing “young women being mindfucked” movie! Out of college and no job in sight, she was desperate for work. One day, she finds a flier with an ad for a babysitting gig. No experience required, and good pay. It seemed like a nice way to make some cash for now. The teenage girl went over, and met the employer, an older man. After exploring the house, she went to the kids’ room but didn’t find a baby. Rather, it was her boss, naked, jerking off! She wanted to run, but he calmed her down. She could leave now or stay with him and watch him touch himself. She was a virgin and the girl had never seen a man naked before. The naked man approached her, putting her hand around his erect dick. She was nervous, but he could see it in her eyes, she was interested. He let the girl touch and take a closer look at his cock. Excited, but nervous, the virgin girl was playing with her very first cock. The naked man told her to get naked too. Her tiny pale breasts felt so hot, and her nipples were rock hard. Now he was touching her pussy, and it was the first time someone touched her there. Her young virgin pussy was so sensitive, her little clitoris and her pink pussy lips. The naked man told her to get down on her knees and kiss his penis. She did as she was told and even wrapped her soft lips around his member. It was awkward, barely taking the tip inside. The virgin girl almost didn’t know what to do but she began sucking his hard penis. Not satisfied with just having the head licked, he pulled her hair. At this point, he was fucking her face while she was powerless to resist. It hit the back of her throat, making her gag, but she resisted the urge. Sufficiently satisfied with her oral skills, he told her to spread her legs. I love how he sensual he was as slowly introduces her to his body, then the blazingly passionate sex.


The naked girl laid down on the bed, and he got on top of her. Her labia separated as his cock head pressed into her. Her hymen tore as he began to penetrate the virgin pussy. Moving slowly, it went in and out, and she started getting used to it. Seeing the expression on her face, he starts to go faster. She never imagined that it would happen like this, with a man twice her age. Moans escaped her mouth as the pleasure became too much to handle. He pounded away at her innocent pussy as if she were a doll. This is the best passionate sex I have seen in a long time. The girl is gorgeous and the guy handles her really well. Not wanting it to end so soon, he pulled out and made her suck it again. This time she was willing to take it deeper, so he allowed her to do it at her own pace. It was again time to fuck her pussy. The naked girl got on top of him and helped him slide it in. Completely at his mercy, he ravaged her wet hole, making her small tits bounce ever so slightly with every movement. He paused for a moment, letting her go. She thought to get up and leave, but he caught her by the hand and pressed her against the wall. After fucking her face again, he pulls her up and faces her to the wall. She was exhausted at this point and could only moan in pleasure with him. Close to finishing, he one last time makes her kneel and unleashes his seed on her cute innocent face. Fantastic film. Loved the tenderness. It’s the dream of every man to owe such an obedient pussy. Love babysitter flicks. Great way to enjoy some young sexual pleasure before she goes back home. Make sure to make arrangements to have her return!






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