For the Guys: Trying Own Fruit?


There are several stories on MarriageHeat about husbands and single men enjoying their precum and cum solo or with their bride. (By the way, THANK YOU to the creators and moderators of MarriageHeat. I’ve not found any other site where we can honorably discuss our God-given sexuality like this.)

From what I have read on other men’s forums (marriage sites and sites designed for men only), a large percentage of straight single and married men lick their precum while edging solo or during foreplay with their wives. It rises to about 80% in some anonymous polls.

Secondly, a large percentage of the same men have the urge to eat their own cum during masturbation or sex (upwards of 70%). About 55% to 60% actually do it sometimes or frequently once they actually try it.

I’m interested to see if the men here reflect similar percentages as in anonymous polls on the other sites.

About ten years ago, I got really horny to try my own load when stroking on business trips or having sex with my wife.  Eating her out after sex would turn me on so much. No desire for anyone else’s. Just mine. After all, we expect our wives to enjoy our manly fruit, so why should we treat it like poison?

I was on a business trip in a hotel, enjoying stroking myself and thinking about eating her out after sex.  I got so horny that I promised myself I would make myself do it.  Finally, I shot my load in my palm and ate the whole thing.  It felt funny, but about 15 minutes later, I got so horny about what I did that I cranked out another.

Later on, my wife was going out of town with the kids and told me to have fun.  She knows I edge and only focus on her and is cool with it.  I stripped down and edged for 4 hours straight.  The thought of eating her out after sex got me so super horny.  The sex-crazy guy that I am was really out of his mind.

I shimmied up the wall and flipped my legs over my head shooting directly in my mouth. For the first time, I saw what my wife would see.  It was so exciting seeing my manhood from that perspective and knowing what was about to happen.  That was the largest load I had ever produced until that point solo.  It just kept shooting and shooting.  I swallowed all of it gladly since I was so horny.

To this day, I am glad I did that. It has become easier to enjoy my own juice and my wife’s together. I believe the Song of Solomon is clear that the husband and wife’s sexual fruit is to be enjoyed by both without inhibition.

Please share your thoughts below. I’m curious to see if this is as common as other polls and sites seem to indicate.

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