My Hot Christian Wife (A)

This post describes anal sex (A).

I’m sitting up watching a hockey game while Heather is in bed sleeping. She’s been under the weather for a few days.  I hear the shower come on upstairs and hope that means she is feeling better. Later, she comes down, looking all hot and sexy in a black sheer robe that shows off her big tits and long hard nipples. Her legs are covered in black lace stockings, held in place by matching black lace garters and panties.

She stops in front of me, takes the remote from my hand, and turns off the game. I grin as she slowly starts moving and gyrating around sexily. Dropping her robe and running her hands over her breasts, she pinches and pulls her nipples, then lifts and sucks each one. My cock gets rock hard and starts tenting my shorts.

She steps closer and pushes her hand down her belly and between her legs as she spread them. Then she drags her hand upward, her middle finger tracing her slit through her panties. Soft moans signal her enjoyment of the feeling. The scent of her arousal soon fills the air as she pushes her hand in her panties and rubs her clit. She spins around and, looking back, gasps dramatically as she continues her rubbing.

“Pull my panties down,” she moans softly.

I sit forward, grab her panties, and slowly tug them down over her stockings.  It’s my turn to gasp when I see her wet pussy, devoid of any and all hair.  Her pussy looks puffy, and her tight little slit drips nectar from inner lips that barely peek out.  Heather kneels on the floor, panting as she slowly slides a finger into her pussy and works it quickly in and out.

Standing, I remove my shorts, grab my cock, and kneel behind her as she keeps fingering herself fast. Pressing forward, I rub my cock head against her tight little flower.  Heather moans and fingers herself harder.

“Fuck me. Mmm, yes, fuck my ass,” she moans.

I groan and slowly push my fat cock head against her little pucker.  Her moaning gets louder as I slowly stretch her open until her sphincter closes behind my cock head.  Both our bodies shake as she pulses around it.

Heather grabs my shaft with her hand, which is covered in her sweet nectar, and coats me. I jump, doing my best not to cum as I slowly push further into her snug asshole. She shakes and cries out in ecstasy as I fill her completely, and I moan again. I slap her ass with both hands, then grab and squeeze her waist.

“Yes, my love. Take me. Yes! Fuck me, please—please, baby.”

Pushing her hips forward, I slide her almost off my cock, before slowly pulling her all the way back down.  Her hand reaches under, rubbing and pulling at my balls, urging me to fuck her hard.  She tries to push back harder on my cock, but I control her and make her feel all of my cock, long and slow.  When she starts fingering her pussy again, I begin to pull her back harder with each thrust. Then I start thrusting into her each time I pull her back.  She draws in a breath on the outstroke, then her open-mouthed mewl melds with my grunt of satisfaction with each collision.

“Yes, yes!” she cries out, screaming as her juices gush out and her body shakes.

She tries to push up onto her hands, but I place my hand in her hair and grab it as I push her face and chest back down to the floor and slide my hand around her neck as I hold her down.  Heather’s hands dig underneath her, pulling at her big tits and nipples as she continues to shake, wanting more.  The image drags a groan out of me, and she knows I’m about to cum.

“Cum, baby, please cum for me. Cum all over me.”

I pull out, and she quickly rolls onto her back, squeezing her tits and sucking her nipples. Our eyes lock, and I stroke my cock a few times, aiming it at her face and tits. I moan loudly as my cock goes off, shooting long ropes of cum all over her face, tits, and belly.  I cover her, painting my beautiful wife.  Heather eagerly rubbed it all over herself, sucking it off her fingers.

I fall back against the couch as Heather sits up, still rubbing herself and licking my cum.  She reaches out, grabs my semi-hard cock, and strokes it as she leans in to kiss me, deeply and passionately.

“More, please. More!” she begs as she pumps my cock harder.  Lying back, she pulls me down between her legs and rubs my cock over her wet, hot pussy.  I smile and thrust into her fully, impaling her on my cock and rubbing her clit with my thumb as she yanks her nipples hard, working herself to a final climax.

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