Road Trip Reconnection

They were moving from the northeast down to Savannah, GA for a job relocation.  Luckily the kids stayed with grandparents, which allowed them to have a few days of a road trip together.  He had been away for the previous six months, and they really needed this time together.  They started the day around 4 a.m. to beat the morning traffic around the busy areas.  After grabbing coffees, they made their way down the highway to start the journey.  He set the car on cruise control and watched the sunrise peeking over the horizon.

Unbeknownst to him, his wife only had on a zippered hoodie with nothing underneath.  As the sun poked through the window, he noticed it was unzipped, revealing most of her large, gorgeous breasts—just perfect.

Once she noted he’d caught on, she leaned over and started rubbing his thigh to start working him up.  As she leaned in, one of her tits escaped her shirt. She cupped it with her hand, sliding it forward to her nipple and repeated the motion a few times.

He normally didn’t wear anything under his pants, especially when he was with her.  Since he wasn’t wearing a belt at the time, she made quick and easy work of his jeans, unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down.  As she did, his member simply fell out.

“Oh man, that’s a thick cock,” she said.  She worked it in her hand at the base until it started growing harder and harder, which didn’t take long at all.  Long, slow, smooth strokes let her take time to enjoy his length.

Using her thumb, she spent a while making circles on that nice sensitive area under the head of his cock.  Meanwhile, she cupped his balls with her other hand and rolled them around in her palm.  After bouncing them a bit, she gave them a brisk slap, causing him to wince slightly. Then she placed his stiff cock back inside his jeans and zipped them up.

He let out an audible, “Nuh-uh.”

“‘He’ is going to have to wait until the hotel”, she told him. Her hoodie was unzipped down to her stomach, exposing much of her breasts and barely hiding her nipples.  She leaned back and dozed off for an hour or two.

He couldn’t stop glancing over at such a perfect sight.  She slept slighrly reclined with her arms above her head and wrapped around the headrest.  As you can imagine, this left her tits perked up. He must’ve aimed for every bump.

They got to the hotel in the Virginia/DC area after several stops for food and breaks.  It was a modern place, and the room was quite nice and a needed break for them.  At the edge of the queen-size bed sat a bench.

“What do you say we shower?” she said.

“Agreed,” he responded.

He undressed at the foot of the bed and sat on the bench, watching his wife undress.  She bent down in front of him to grab her shower items from their bag and, in doing so, gave him quite a view.  Sitting on that bench, he immediately started stroking his cock to full hardness.

“Get over here, right now,” he said.

While bent forward, she turned and looked back at him with just a simple smirk. She knew what she was doing.  The game was over.

As she walked over to him, he held his cock straight up.  She spread her legs apart, straddling him, and sat right down on top of it.  After a couple of shallow bounces to get his cock nice and wet, she took all of him in one slow motion.  He leaned back just to watch it disappear inside of her.

She continued her slow rhythmic moves while taking all of him every time.  He could feel her getting wetter as she went on and loved seeing her juices glisten on his thick shaft. She kept up this slow rate to allow herself to get used to his thick cock again while he stretched her out. She sat fully down, keeping him buried inside while she grinded away.

“Hold my hands,” she said.

He did so, a little puzzled until she pulled her feet up onto the bench, bracing one on either side of him.  She then started bouncing at a nice rate. He met her bounces with small upward thrusts, so as not to go too deep and hurt her.

“I can’t last long like this,” he said. Even before he could finish the sentence, he felt the pressure building.

She could tell he was getting ready. His cock swelled even thicker and became excessively hard.  She picked up her speed even though she could feel her legs starting to burn.

He moaned into his climax, and she used a few forceful bounces to make sure every inch of his cock made it inside of her.  She then slid up so just the head was inside of her.  Doing so made it possible for both of them to see his throbbing cock start pulsing as it shot off.  They watched his cock twitch, and she could feel his seed being sprayed inside of her, filling her.

When the pulsing stopped, she slowly rose straight up.  Once she broke free off of him, his seed spilled out and dripped down on his member.  Time for that shower now.

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