Petite naked girl gives the club owner a lap dance to get the job

Being new in town leaves girls with very few options unless they already have a job. They either work as baristas, waitresses, and the sort and for the braver ones, there’s always stripping. With a taste for the finer things, this fluffy haired babe found a club looking for new girls. With a killer body like hers, the owner had to give her a chance. She practiced a routine, but he wanted a more “personal” show. Getting naked was part of the job, after all. She took off her top, leaving her only in a colorful bikini. Next came off the panties, revealing her pink pussy. And finally, the bra, hiding her cute, perky tits. Her young 18 year old pussy looked amazing, so pink and smooth and fucking perfect. But he wasn’t done yet and wanted a closer inspection. Her cute little ass was sure to draw in guys, and she was flexible too. It was hard to resist a pussy like that, so the owner went to get a taste. She didn’t mind while he licked and sucked on her clit. Passing the flavor test, it was time to examine her oral skills. She had no issues taking his hefty cock, staring up with her pretty blue eyes. Some of the regulars can get rough, so she needed to be able to take a good face fucking. Like a natural, the curly cutie barely gagged while deepthroating the fat dick.


Finally, he has to mark each girl as his property. Her pussy was already wet when he put it inside of her. The naked girl put her legs behind her head, letting him go deeper inside her. Moaning slowly, she enjoyed every inch of it. He didn’t mind. Customers love it when the girls are vocal. Not wanting to do all of the work himself, he laid back and got the stripper to get on top. A dancer needs to have lots of stamina to work all night. She moved her hips expertly, taking his whole dick while making her butt shake. Older men made her horny, so her young cunt lubricated itself, allowing the owner to stretch her out without problems. She was light as a feather, so he could lift and position her as he pleased. Not wanting to anger her potential boss, she let him have his way with her. She was enjoying it anyway. This treatment would be available to the VIPs only, so he had to make sure she would meet their standards. The naked girl got on her knees and stuck her ass out, awaiting more pounding. At this point, she stopped bothering to hide her pleasure, letting out yelps and screams as he smashed her pussy. Her butt cheeks clapped every time the man went balls deep into her. After a fuck like this, she wouldn’t be mad even if she didn’t get the job. He was ready to burst, and she had only one more exam left to pass. Like a trained whore, the naked girl got on her knees, awaiting her reward. He came in her mouth, and she swallowed, landing the position.






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