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Melody’s is not in a good mood, the school board just voted YES to implement conservative school uniforms. Moreover she found out that Sophia, her stepmother, was one of the board members who championed this endeavor! Melody is furious with her stepmom. She does rebellious things like a late teen would. She promises to wear the uniform in school but says she’s going to walk naked around the house all the time until the uniforms are abolished. As the naked schoolgirl flaunts her young body, Sophia was determined to ignore her but finds herself getting more and more distracted. She just can’t help admiring her tight nude body. Her stepmother is shocked when Melody makes some advances toward her. She denies ever looking at her stepdaughter the wrong way, but pretty soon, her tongue is in Melody’s mouth. Mommy strips and breastfeeds her girl in no time. The stepmother and stepdaughter strip and start eating each other out right then and there. The girls don’t even bother to go to the bedroom. The naked girl kneels to eat out her stepmom’s big juicy cunt. Sophia soon takes control, pushing her bratty stepdaughter’s face deep inside her lesbian cunt. She so gorgeous with her chiselled features, natural red hair, and athletic body. She even makes her eat her ass. The pigtailed schoolgirl doesn’t complain because she knows her mommy is going to make her cum later. After some ass-play, the naked girls climb on the kitchen island and fuck until they both know the taste of each other’s pussies. The lesbian MILF sits on her stepdaughter’s face like a bad mommy would. The girl is eager to eat her out but can’t reach the clit. This is when Sophia moves her hips and smoothers Melody with her asshole again. This makes her cum. She’s not a selfish person. She returns the favor and licks the young pussy clean. I love, love, love standing up pussy licking! That is so damn hot to me. The lesbians really enjoy themselves! What a fantastic scene, both girls are so into each other. The girl literally cums in her mouth, and a sort of solace makes both of them chill. Who cares about school when you have such good sex at home?






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