Celebrating graduation with public anal sex

After all these years, they were finally done with school. After the official ceremony had ended, they went to their homeroom teacher’s house for a party. It was nice, but the horniest couple in the class looked for the first opportunity to sneak away. The teens went just around the corner and started to make out. His dick was poking her, and she went to take care of it. With everyone in sight, the sexy babe sucked his dick. Careful so someone doesn’t hear them, he muffled his moans, but she kept teasing him even more. He couldn’t take it and told her to stand up so he could fuck her. She slipped off her panties and lifted her skirt. Bracing her leg against the wall, he put his dick inside, her pussy began leaking around his dick. Either they’re deaf or just pretending not to notice, but the rest of the class ignored them. The couple fucked like that for a while, glancing at their friends and teacher every so often. They tried to suppress the noises, but both were too horny for that at this point. Not wanting to test their luck further, they went inside one of the rooms. She wanted to make this day special and got her body ready for anal. It was their first time trying it, but she was determined to do it. He slowly put his cock in her pink asshole, and she let out all of the moans she’d been holding back all along. His cock deep in her ass felt awesome, and she wanted him to go faster. Her passionate gaze and screams of pleasure made him fuck her harder. He pounded her ass with vigor, and she loved every second of it. This experience was too much for him, and he was close to blowing, so he pulled out and jizzed on her face.






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