Male Masturbation Toys

A few days ago, lonelyfarmer commented on the post “My First Vibrator” by LovelyLonelyLady, to wit:

So, I tried out the Hello Cake Sucker which alwayswet101 praised in a comment a while ago. It’s basically a budget version of the Lelo [Sona?] or Womanizer. Technically designed for a clitoris, but as a guy, I wanted to try it out on the tip and underside of my penis, as well as my nipples. It’s really cool! The suction feeling along with vibration is awesome. I imagine it feels even better on a clit. I definitely could’ve climaxed from it alone, but I decided to switch to a pocket pussy (a highly realistic model)… and wow… I think my soul got sucked out of my body through my penis—three times in short order! That thing makes me cum way harder and easier than my hand, and the more semen it gets filled with, the easier it is to stroke up and down. It’s self-lubricating in a way if I cum more than once, and the sight and sound of my seed getting foamy and dripping out the opening as I stroke just add to the intense turn-on of it.

A couple of guys asked for clarification and further advice on devices designed for men, so rather than have that conversation on a post about using women’s toys, we decided to create this one.

Here are the questions so far.

tinwaiting274: Nice, lonelyfarmer. That sounds incredible. I’d love to get a Fleshight (or something like it). I wonder if you or any other guys have tried the Fleshlight and could offer their thoughts on it?

Salcpl: Please share with us which pocket pussy you have that you enjoy so much. My wife has been wanting me to get some type of toy for myself due to her ever-growing collection.

Any other questions? Add them in the comments.

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