Multiple Ejaculations and Long, Drawn-out Orgasms

Hi, this is the husband of our dual account, here with a wanking tip.

You probably know about edging, but you’ve never edged like this.

Oil up your dickhead, your arsehole, and your right index finger. Wank yourself as usual with your left hand, but put your right index finger into your arsehole so that the first knuckle of your finger is in the clamp of that tight ring of muscle in there, touching that sensitive skin on the inner side of it with the fingertip. So positioned, you’ll be able to feel those spasms happen as you edge as the sphincter tightens on your finger. You can also move your finger against the ring (in my opinion more pleasant than thrusting) and in a slight circular motion or bend the finger a little, this way and that way, and provoke a contraction of the muscle.

Now you can find out what causes that contraction. There is a reflex: if you stroke or squeeze your dickhead, you will notice your arsehole contacting on your finger. You can alternate between a dickhead-provoked contraction and an anus-provoked contraction. The contractions are in your arsehole but can be caused here or there. This occurs even when your dick is not erect and may help you gain an erection.

Now go back to wanking. On the upstroke, you want to gently squeeze a bit of blood into your dickhead so that your dick is maximally erected. If your erection subsides at all, that’s okay; just enjoy the sensations and carry on. It will come back in good time, and the erection will get stronger and last longer as you wank until you cum, unless perhaps you do it unto boredom.

With your left hand, wank to try and get that erection as full and hard as possible. Keep that dickhead swollen, like it wants to burst. But don’t let it. Get closer and closer to cumming, but not past the point of no return (the “edge”). Instead, try to get as close as possible to it in this way: when your cock is close to exploding, pause the wanking with your left hand, and gently, slightly move your right index finger in a circle to “fine-tune,” to get very close to the edge.

Try to maintain this closeness to the edge and get ever closer, wanking to maintain erection strength as required when you get far from the edge and wriggling the index finger to get ever-so-close to the edge, stopping, and then wriggling again to keep near it and not go over. You want to get so close that you are afraid to pull your finger against the side of the anus because it is too stimulating and will send you over the edge, and you can’t release it to centre because that also is too stimulating and might trigger a full ejaculation. Instead, leave the finger in the centre position as you get closer to the edge, and apply the tiniest movements in a circular motion, such that you are slightly changing pressure with your finger on different sides of the inner walls of that anus ring rather than moving it, with minimal stretching of the anus. You should be able to relax the finger if it seems you might begin pouring precum or cum.

You may then feel precum coming. Briefly stop the motion and let the precum ooze without provoking a full orgasm. Do this over and over several times. Then instead of clear precum, you will probably start pouring out streams of white cum, but if you are careful each time to stop moving and relax the finger and hand, you can have most of the pleasure of ejaculation—perhaps about four times pouring out cum—without yet fully ejaculating or losing the erection. The cum might get less and less and arousal increase, and you might feel like you are living in an ongoing orgasm. It is euphoric and can seem tiring and/or confusing. Then after a minute or several minutes of these ejaculations, you can almost decide how long you want to keep ejaculating and orgasming. You might like to go too far with the wanking and the fingering, and your dick will tense strongly, like a full orgasm, though perhaps most of the cum has already poured out.

You may find even after the full climax that the euphoria of orgasm lasts longer.

In summary, by practising this technique, it seems you can get yourself closer to the edge and keep yourself there instead of backing off. What results is precum, and then pourings of cum and orgasms in a euphoric state like an ongoing orgasm that lasts many minutes, and then you can finish with a normal, full orgasm. Then go and have a wash as God commands, praising God for giving us the capacity to experience such pleasure, even without the wife present—even unmarried—even without fantasy or visual or auditory stimulus or lust for another; just each man enjoying his own apparatus that God gave him.

And I think women will probably be able to do something very similar with their right finger in their arsehole and their left hand fingering their clit and pussy.

It can be hard to beat. Remember not to deprive your spouse. Give your spouse all the sex they want, in every way they want it, just between the two of you. And you can try masturbating together like this or masturbating each other this way. But I think this is a powerful way to enjoy oneself sexually, and it will be a consolation to anyone who is a “eunuch for the kingdom’s sake,” or who needs to remain alone because their spouse is not willing to be with them. And for the married whenever the spouse be tired or unavailable that night, one can look forward to this instead. For the unmarried, it may encourage them to do the “wise thing” that the Lord and Paul commended, and stay unmarried and more available to the Lord. Using this technique, don’t feel that you are missing out on sex. I’ve been married for over a decade, and I tell you the pleasure from this technique isn’t easy to beat.

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