Teaching my stepsister how to fuck so she can get a boyfriend

When my dad got remarried a few years back, I was pretty pissed, mostly because of the stepsister I now had, who’s a bit younger but a total airhead. She grew up to be pretty cute but is still kinda dumb. One day, she came to my room and said she liked a boy, but she explained how she’d never been with a guy. To get a boyfriend, she needed experience, so I offered to “teach” her. And by teach, I mean fondle her thighs and finger her a bit. She fell for it and let me squeeze her small boobies, and her pink nipples felt amazing, so hard and succulent. Then I had to show her how guy love play with a pussy. My sister’s legs were spread and I fingered her pussy slit. Her pussy was tight and bald, with plump pussy lips, so nice. I quickly made her cum by fingering her. She came for more advice a few days later, so I took it to the next level. Boys love getting their dicks sucked, I said. Her jaw dropped when I got my cock out, but she instantly went to blow it. For her first time, she did great. I’m pretty well hung, so my stepsister could only take half of it but worked the lower part with her hand. It didn’t take me long to cum, and she swallowed all of it! She even liked the taste. Once more, she returned for more “advice”, but I think she forgot all about Johnny or whatever his name was.


The only thing left was for me to fuck her, which I imagine was her initial goal. My sexy stepsister got naked in a flash, and I licked her pussy to get her started. It tasted surprisingly good too. Guess it runs in the family. I made her orgasm just from that, but now that she was wet, it was go time. Sis spread her legs wide, and I stuck my dick inside her. The feeling was amazing, her juicy pussy lips were wrapped around the very base of my cock. I went slowly at first, but she said she could handle more. No need to ask twice. I picked up the pace, pounding her sweet little pussy. Heck, she even shaved it for me. I had to give her a proper treatment. Seeing her bite her lip as her eyes rolled back pushed me over the edge. I pulled out just in time and came on her. She picked up some of it with her finger and licked it. It was her favorite treat now. The fact that I was doing my stepsis made me hard again, and I put it back in her cum filled cunt after a couple of minutes. The sperm leaking out of her pussy made it even hotter, and we kept doing it for a while longer. She wasn’t interested in her boyfriend anymore – she just wanted to suck and ride my cock! Now, she regularly comes to my room but doesn’t mention any boys. She just wants me to fuck her and cum in her every day.






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