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Blake was an actress soon to reach her prime. Her latest movie was a hit, and she became more famous by the day. But fame comes at a price. In one of her interviews with the infamous Jazlyn, she was accused of being a lesbian. It was a secret Blake kept from the public, not wanting that to define her. She agreed to go on Jazyln’s show again, but only if they followed a script this time. During rehearsal, things got heated when Jazlyn started digging into Blake’s personal life. Seeing it’s time to come clean, Jazlyn admits she has a crush on her. Already emotional, Blake could only think of fucking her brains out. Ripping each other’s clothes off, the hot blondes found themselves in bed. The naked girls kissed deeply and passionately. The bad blood between them had been replaced with pure lust. Jazlyn sucked on Blake’s nipples, making a popping sound each time she changed breasts. This drove Blake wild, and she wanted to take command. She went down on Jazlyn, showing no mercy to her pussy. Kissing, licking, even biting her clit. She parted her pussy lips with her tongue and worked her tongue in and out of my wet slit. She grasped her breast and began rubbing it fast against her pussy, using the hard, erect nipple against her clit! She kept sucking her pink labia in her mouth, fucking her vulva with her tongue and sucking her clit. She was slurping and loving her sweet cunt and clitoris. She licked her pussy like an ice cream cone. This girl will make you so fuckin crazy, she so beautiful. Her face was covered in the other blonde’s love juice. She wanted the same done to her. Jazlyn had a gentler approach but sneakily stuck a finger in Blake’s ass. Carefully teasing her pussy while playing with her asshole, she made Blake squirm in pleasure. She proceeded to jack off her clit with her lips, she couldn’t support herself any longer and began to squirt all over her face! Blake reached orgasm but was curious about anal play now. Using her tongue, she caressed Jazlyn’s fat butt, slowly approaching her other hole. A new world of pleasure had been opened to her. The two hot naked lesbian blondes kept switching places, helping each other cum over and over again. The naked girls went on like this for hours. That’s the dream duo girls! This is one of the best lesbian sites. I think the tongue fucking is really great, also there are a lot of amazing close up views of both beautiful wet pussies!






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