A Double Helping, Part 1 (F)

Author’s note:

I will state right out that cuckolding is wrong, and I can’t even imagine a third party coming in to invade the intimacy my future husband and I will share, but the fantasy of my husband being turned on by another man making love to me turns me on! I confess I find the concept of “sloppy seconds” rather arousing.  And who says a faithfully married couple can’t experience this? I’d love a double helping of my man’s cum (hence the title of this post)! So this is a steamy fantasy about how I hope we could play it out.



Callie Weston – me

Larry – my husband

Lawrence – the other man, played by my husband


The first time I met Lawrence, I knew we had an attraction.  For one, he looked almost exactly like my husband, which was remarkable because my husband is one of a kind.  He’s incredibly handsome and masculine, with dark brown eyes and a stern, sexy mouth that I’ve never seen on any other man.  And second, Lawrence’s charm was irresistible.  He knew exactly how to make a woman feel admired and desired.  It was extremely flattering.  I felt a tiny bit of guilt over being so drawn to a man other than my husband.  But I wondered if maybe Larry would find it kind of hot.  He takes pride in showing me off and thinks I’m the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth. (I can’t figure out how he sees that, but I’m not complaining!)  I think he gets turned on knowing that other men are sneaking peeks at me when we’re out in public.  I’m madly in love with my husband and would rather die than hurt him, so I decided to tell him the whole story.

Larry got hot and bothered immediately, touching my thigh and caressing my arm as we sat together on the couch and I described the man I’d met at work.  I’m an interior decorator, and I’d been working with Lawrence on remodeling his new house.  So far, I’d met with him twice to discuss plans, and we’d enjoyed the conversations and flirting.  As Larry listened to the story, he started nuzzling my neck.  My belly coiled up deliciously.  Then he whispered something unexpected in my ear.

“You know what’s a steamy idea? My sexy wife making love with another guy.”

I looked at him, startled but also very turned on.  “Are you serious, baby?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”  His eyes were dark with hunger.

“Are you sure?”

“Only if you promise to hurry back after and tell me the whole story—in detail,” and he smiled before taking my mouth with his lips.

Accordingly, I dressed the next day with a plan in mind.  Under my skirt and soft pink blouse, I wore a white bra and thong.  It contrasted well with my summer tan.  My fingernails and toenails were done in light pink, my hair was freshly curled, and my makeup was bright and natural-looking.  When I kissed Larry goodbye, he seemed unwilling to let me go.

It started to rain, which wasn’t too surprising for such a humid summer day.  I heard thunder not far off.  The storm delayed me, and I pulled up to Lawrence’s house at 11 a.m.

I saw his car, which meant he was home.  I’d worried that because I was late he might not be there.  But he appeared from out of nowhere and helped carry my bag and purse to the house.  He struggled getting the front door, a rickety thing, open, and the downpour had soaked us both once we got into the front hall.  We were both laughing.

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” I apologized, unable to keep from eyeing his strong muscular body with his wet t-shirt plastered to his chest.

He shook back his dripping hair, grinning.  “It’s okay, Mrs. Weston.  I figured the storm would slow traffic down.  Don’t feel bad.”  His eyes now ran over me.  I realized my thin top was very clearly outlining my breasts and the soft indentations of my trim belly.  Even my navel was visible.

“Being wet really suits you,” Lawrence said cheekily.

I caught the innuendo at once, and it sent a flicker through my insides.  This guy could really heat a girl up, I thought.

“Do you have a towel I could borrow?” I asked, aiming for nonchalance.  I could play this game too.

“Sure.  This way.”

I followed him to the master bedroom.  I knew it was the master bedroom because we’d talked about the remodeling work for this room in detail.  He had some great ideas on what he wanted, and I could imagine a really inviting room once it was done.

“You can get out of your wet clothes in the bathroom,” he offered.


Once I shut the door behind him, I stripped, then patted myself dry with the towel.  Thankfully my makeup wasn’t completely wrecked, but my hair was lying in long damp strands down my back.  So much for looking sexy.

I folded my clothes and found a grocery bag under the sink to put them in.  While standing wrapped in the towel, I heard a light knock.

“I found a robe for you,” Lawrence said through the door.

I opened up, and at once saw his eyes race down my body.  The towel was on the smaller side, so my thighs and cleavage were fully displayed.  His hot gaze felt potent, like warm palms sliding over my skin.  I also noticed he no longer had a shirt on and he’d changed into some dry jeans that sat low on his hips, showcasing his subtle V-line abs.  With his still-wet hair flung back, bare feet, and half-clad brawny torso, he made my mouth dry.

“You shouldn’t walk around like that, Mrs. Weston,” he suddenly spoke, and his voice was a distinctly aroused growl.

“Like what?” I pretended ignorance.

He eased towards me.  “Practically naked, your hot body barely covered by a little towel.  In a strange man’s house.  You’re married, too, right?”

“Yes, I am,” I confirmed.

Though he seemed to be wrestling with himself, he was also doing plenty of looking.  “That guy is an idiot to let you go places by yourself.  Doesn’t he know what kind of men wait just to trap attractive women?”

“What kind of men do you mean?” I asked, deliberately dropping my eyes to his lips.

His chest heaved as he breathed in and out.  “The kind that would go nuts for you.  God, you’re just the type that would make them hard!”

I liked hearing that.  It was a high compliment, especially from a hot guy like Lawrence.  I took a step and dared to just brush my towel-covered breasts to his chest.

“Oh, I am?”

“Yeah,” he gritted out.  His hands darted to touch my arms, gently running his fingertips up to my shoulders.  “Slim, dark hair, pretty eyes…”

“I don’t think your mind is on my eyes,” I broke in teasingly.

He pulled me closer, then spun me around so my back was against his chest.  His hands crawled up to cup my breasts.  “You got that right.  My mind’s on all the parts of you I’ve been dying to see.  You know every time we’ve met for business I’ve wanted to rip your clothes off and take you where you were standing?” His voice was breathy, husky.

I inhaled, loving the tight grip of desire in my belly, at the same time feeling a firm bulge press between my butt cheeks.

“What’s held you back?” I prodded, daring to grind my bottom against him.

He loosened the towel and pulled it off of me.  “Nothing, anymore.”  He turned me around again, his dark eyes fixed on my face as he purposefully rubbed his erection on my bare mound.

“What about my husband?” I added, linking my hands behind his neck.

He smirked.  “You can handle us both.  I can tell by looking at you.”

“Oh, you can?” I said dryly.

With one hand gripping my arm, he proceeded to unbutton his jeans, then push them down.  He wasn’t wearing underwear.  “You’re too much for him.  You’re too sexy, too inviting.  It’s a pity to waste all that on one guy.

“Every part of you is tantalizing.  Your legs were meant to wrap around a man’s hips while he thrusts into you.”  He slid his hard shaft between my thighs.  “Your breasts were made for a man’s mouth to lick and suck.  Your sexy belly was meant to be splattered with hot, creamy cum.  Your fingers should dig into my back until you cut me with your nails.  I want my heavy balls slapping your crack and making that ass jiggle.  You agree, princess?”

By now I was very wet and grinding along his cock.  His words were so erotic; so was the velvety, masculine tone in which he delivered them.

“I could go for a guy like you,” I confessed, my lips nipping at his jaw.  “You’re a lot like my husband.  Maybe that’s why you attract me so much.”

“I attract you, eh?” he said in triumph.

“You do, and you know it,” I returned.  My legs were turning to jelly from sliding my slick folds along his hot, veiny cock.  “So what’re you going to do about it?”

Lawrence grinned, then picked me up.  I hung on to his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked towards the bed.  “I’ve known for weeks what I’d do about it, you sexy little vixen.  You want to be a hotwife? Is that it? Well, you’ll make a good one.”  He dropped me on the bed and knelt over me, just staring in primal lust at my body.  “I’m going to taste every inch of your sweet body until you’re wet from my kisses.”  He came over me and devoured one breast, then the other, with his silken tongue and lips.

I moaned and raked my fingers through his hair.  Body kisses were great, but with him, they were breathtaking.

His fingers trailed down my belly and over my hip, then towards my aching core.  “I want to finger your delicious wetness and get you nice and slick and glistening for me,” he grunted.  “Then when I’ve got you close to the edge, I’m going to pound you with this big cock until you scream.”

“Oh God… yes,” I gasped, welcoming his frantic fingers.

He kept up his sensual monologue.  “Then you’ll gush all over my cock like a geyser, and I’ll spurt my hot jizz into you until you’re full.  And you are going to go back to your husband and tell him every intimate detail of what we did.  How I made passionate love to his wife.  How I hammered your dripping, swollen cunt until you were numb.  Then he can ram his dick deep in your cum-filled hole.  You like that idea, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I said in one breath.  “Do it! Do it right now!”

He did as he said, first dragging his mouth over my entire body in lustful kisses.  He was right; I was damp from his mouth afterward.  Then he placed my hand on his shaft and ordered me to stroke him while he explored my depths with his fingers.  My pelvis clenched and unclenched as he stimulated me and sent shocks of delight through me with his practiced touch.  It was even more steamy when he started groaning and breathing fast as I jerked him off.  I loved the feel of his throbbing meat in my hand.

Finally, I was absolutely leaking with need and he pulled his fingers out.  “On your hands and knees,” he instructed a bit breathlessly.  I positioned myself, sensing him standing on the floor beside the bed and lining his cock up with my wet slit.  I wasn’t expecting him to enter me so hard, but it was so satiating that I didn’t mind the roughness.

“Oh… my… God! You’re so wet! Yes, Callie, tighten that gorgeous cunt around me! Yes! Oh God, yes!” he spat out, pounding me powerfully.

“Lawrence… oh, God… it feels… so good! Harder! Deeper! Please… don’t… stop!” I couldn’t get full sentences out.  I was too overwrought by the incredible sensation of him filling me with his thickness.  I felt my butt shake every time it slammed into his crotch.  I dropped my head and reached under to rub my mound.

A few minutes of this, then he withdrew and affectionately slapped my butt, telling me to roll over so I was on my back.  He put my feet on his shoulders and slipped back in.  Then he proceeded to ram me as I had never thought possible.  It was raw paradise.  I yelled in time to his masterful thrusts, never stopping my own action on my clit.  He was almost shouting through his heavy breaths, letting out sexy expletives and verbally admiring my sweating, writhing body.

We were too pent-up to keep going for long.  Lawrence started climaxing first.  His gasps were so sexy, so feral, that I felt like a lioness who’d been claimed by the most virile lion of the pride.  The thought that he was spewing his hot seed into me made me lose it, and my loins went taut with a wonderful rush of sex juices.  I felt it dribble out of my petals and down my ass.  Our cries softened in harmony, and Lawrence collapsed on me, drained and wet with sweat.

I’d hoped to cuddle for a while, both because I wanted some quiet, tender moments with this devil of a seducer and because such vigorous lovemaking had worn me out, but after a minute or two, he got up.

“Now, put your clothes on and head home.  Remember, your husband is waiting for you,” he commanded in a matter-of-fact tone.  I thought I saw a little twinkle in his eyes.

“Do I have to?” I groaned.  I needed to rest; besides, I liked enjoying the afterglow.

“Get going, gorgeous,” was all he said.  He pulled on his pants and left the room.  I couldn’t help chuckling.

I took my time getting dressed.  If I wanted to show my husband the fruits of this sexual encounter, I’d have to hurry.  Already, my thong was wet with Lawrence’s semen oozing out of me.

When I emerged from the bedroom, I saw no one.  Lawrence must have gone somewhere.  I gathered my stuff and got in my car, already getting hot again for the coming interview with Larry.

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