Mom gets her daughter to fuck her stepdad for his credit card

Sera and her Mom were planning their weekends. She wanted to go to a concert with her friends, and Mom wanted to go shopping. For that, both of them needed some cash. Dad always worked hard and spoiled them, but he was having a rough time recently. Despite it being Father’s Day, they only wanted his credit card, which drove him mad. Mom broke out her secret weapon as their plans were about to fail. She had never told Sera before that he was not her real father. Furthermore, they were having issues in bed, so maybe she could try it. Surprisingly, the teenage girl instantly agreed to do it. She put on the sexy red lingerie and went to give Daddy his Father’s Day gift. Not wasting any time, she unzipped his pants and took out his cock! Maybe it was always a kink of hers, but she licked up and down the shaft without hesitation. Dad didn’t seem to mind either, letting her do as she pleased. The teen whore knew a thing or two about blowjobs and deepthroated him with ease. Young sweet pussies always had been his sexual dream, so he laid down so they could 69. His stepdaughter drooled all over his dick while he licked her pussy. Her young pink cunt was much better than her mom’s old twat, he thought. Not wanting to cum just from her mouth, he told her to get on her back. Sera was nice and wet, ready to get pounded. His little girl grew up to be a slut, and he now got fuck her. Venting his frustration, he plowed away at her, making her scream from the pleasure. Her boobies were bouncing with each hard thrust, her pubic hair, which was trimmed into a heart-shape, looked so sexy! He grabbed her young tits with both hands and squeezed them, feeling her vagina squeeze in response. He kept fucking her in all positions he had seen in porn. His stupid wife had never given him such pleasure. His stepdaughter rode him, slamming her bubble butt hard down onto him! The dirty talk got to him, and he was ready to blow. He got up and came in her mouth, making his little princess swallow every drop.






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