New Bikini

This is a story that happened not too long ago.

Since I have been married to Rick, he has made me confident in my body like never before. As I’ve shared before, I am thick, with big tits and a plump ass. Rick had asked me to wear a bikini out by our pool. I used to wear a sexy one piece. But I wanted to surprise him, so I bought a new bikini. It was hot and bright red, his favorite color. The top barely contained my big tits, and the bottom was simply a G-string. As I stood back from the mirror, looking at my body, I said, “Yeah, I do look good.”

I called my husband at work to see what time he would get home because it was Saturday, and he usually didn’t work on Saturday. Rick answered the phone and said, “Hello, gorgeous.”

“Hello, handsome,” I responded.  I told him I had a surprise for him and needed him at home.

He said he would be off in ten minutes and then home. I told him  to put on his swim shorts when he got home and come out to the pool, where I’d be waiting. I told him not to peek out the window when he got here to see his surprise.

“Yes, dear.” We said our I love yous and that we’d see each other soon.

I got a towel and headed out to our pool. We have a fence around the pool, but our home and the two neighbors’ homes on either side are two-story, and from the top floor of either home, you can see straight down into our pool area. As I walked out, our neighbors’ 19-year-old son was sitting out on their upper balcony. I could see him watching me as I walked out. (My husband gets so turned on when other guys look at me.) I got a lounge chair and positioned it so the head was slightly propped up and the leg portion straight out.

My husband sent a text saying, “On his way, baby. See you soon. Love you.”

I lay back in the chair, my bikini hugging my curves. The neighbors’ son continued to watch me as I stretched out waiting for my hubby. Within ten minutes, I heard him pull into the garage. I send him a message reminding him not to peek, just get his shorts on and come to the pool.

Rick came out the back door wearing no shirt, just his shorts. His big cock got instantly hard when he saw me, and my pussy got so wet looking at his body.

He walked over and said, “Hello, gorgeous. You look so sexy. Stand up and let me see all of you.” He took my hand and helped me up, and I spun around a few times so he could see all of me.

“That ass looks so good, baby.”

I smiled and said, “I would ask if you like it, but I can see your rock-hard cock, so that answers my question.”

He grabbed me and kissed me. I told him the neighbors’ son was watching me for a long time.

Rick looked up and said, “Well, if he were still there, we’d have to give him a show. You need to be fucked.”

I lay back in the chair and hubby moved down, pulled my bikini to the side, and started to eat my pussy. My hips moved to his tongue as he devoured me. Watching him lick my pussy is so hot. I started to moan and told him to eat me harder, make me cum.

“Please make your pussy cum, baby.” Then I started squirting all over him. I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Please, baby, fuck me now! I need that big cock!”

He grabbed my ankles, held my legs wide apart, and shoved his big cock into my pussy.

“Fuck me hard, baby. Pound my pussy!” I screamed.

Rick started to pound that big cock into my tight pussy. I watched as his cock slammed into me, and my pussy got drenched.

I screamed, “I’m cumming again, baby. OMG, you make my pussy cum so good. Harder! Fuck me!”

“Yes, baby, this is my pussy!” hubby said as he fucked me to oblivion.

I screamed “Yes, it’s your pussy! Take it, take your pussy, baby!” He pounded me for a good 25 minutes, and I squirted over and over.

“You want my cum, baby?” he finally asked.

I said, “Yes, baby, cum!”

He pulled his cock out and started shooting his cum all over me. Spur after spurt, five or six huge ones, covered me from my pussy to my tits. He drained his cum all over me.

“Baby, you look so hot covered in my cum!” he told me and leaned down to kiss me passionately.

I was still shaking from the orgasms, and my pussy still twitched from the pounding. He helped me to my feet, and we both looked up to where the neighbors’ son had been and smiled as cum ran down my body.

Rick said, “Let’s go inside, doll.” We walked inside for another few rounds. He wound up fucking me three more times that day. I had his cum all over me and in both my holes. I was a well-used wife. And I would not have it any other way.

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