Blonde shoplifter gets what’s coming to her

Ema is the kind of girl who thinks she can get away with anything. Well, today, that luck ran out for good. When she thought that nobody was looking, she took a video game. The guard acted, took her by the hand, and politely escorted her to his office. He makes her come clean and hand over the stolen video game. This isn’t enough, so he frisks her and even strip-searches her just to make sure. Even her fishnets come off, and she’s buck naked in front of the man. He then makes her put her hands on the table and searches her cavities. She’s clean, but there’s still the issue of the stolen video game. Her skinny body looks fantastic. The cute teenage girl has a nice little ass and a lovely pussy. He offers to let her go if she gives him the names of her friends and adds a little extra cock-sucking and pussy action to her confession. The naked girl has no choice but to get down on her knees. The guard’s dirty prick is in front of her cute face now. She licks the tip with her tongue, all the while telling him how awful he is. She opens her mouth and takes it in. His penis barely fits into her mouth, but she keeps trying to do it. He lifts the naked girl up and bends her over the table. My god, I wouldn’t have guessed she could take this big cock in her skinny body. She can feel the large hands on her soft hips, her cute little ass and her small titties. He fucks her in doggy and then missionary. In the end, she takes a seat on his nice hard dick. The ride is amazing, well, at least for the security guard. His huge dick disappears inside that little cunt. The naked girl keeps whining, but she continues fucking him until he eventually pulls out and cums all over her face.






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