Family Summer Vacation – PART 1

Brunette bombshell Cherie has no other way to tell her new husband how much she loves him than with a blowjob. She lovingly worships his cock, sliding her wet tongue up and down his shaft, throating all of him in appreciation for the upcoming honeymoon. It’s thick and feels really juicy inside her mouth. The horny MILF begs him to use her to please his cock. All she wants is him to fuck and gape her ass. It’s not some random fantasy she has. She really needs it as soon as possible. The problem is that even the slightest dirty talk of anal sex makes his dick explode. Cherie can’t hide her dissatisfaction with her man’s premature ejaculation. Once they finish, he promises her an anal sex during their honeymoon. Cherie is delighted and thinks it’s going to include going on a plane ride, a luxurious hotel, and crazy nights out. Her new husband actually planned an endless ride on an RV with her new stepchildren! They’ve been riding since this morning, and the horny MILF is increasingly frustrated. Not only is she sweating in a busted old RV, but she’s also not getting any attention from him. Cherie keeps begging for her ass to be fucked! She just needs to get her asshole plugged by her hubby or anyone else! Once they stop at the gas station, she grabs the first guy she finds.


In this case, it’s a window cleaner. Today is his lucky day. The horny MILF approaches him like a tiger approaches an unsuspecting antelope. She invites him into the RV, and the urges take over from there. She’s so turned on, and the fact that she randomly picked a guy with a massive cock only gets her more excited. She’s on her knees in no time, cleaning his dick out like he does the windows. The guy is in her throat, as deep as he can be. He knows a working stiff like him isn’t going to get another shot at this good a pussy. After cleaning her snobby mouth out, he lifts her up and fucks her from the back. Her pussy feels good, but he knows what this babe really wants – anal and lots of it. He knows the type. So, after owning her pussy for a while in doggy on the RV couch, he fingers her asshole. The naked woman rushes him to the bathroom, afraid they might get caught. He soon catches up with her and fucks her all over the RV, finally taking her ass on the bed. Her ass feels even better than pussy. She starts screaming and writhing and bucking in a long, prolonged anal orgasm. The crazy anal MILF gapes often and splatters her ass juices on his dick, eventually licking it clean. It’s in one of these A2M sessions that he busts his nutt. The minute he does, the crazy whore eats it all up and sends him on his way. She’s ready to ride now. Watch all the parts of this family summer vacation!






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