Mr. Eyes (L/A/F)

This post is about a fantasy roleplay between husband and wife (F). It contains strong language (L) and involves anal (A).

I sat in a hazy, private room in a jazz bar that smelled of mahogany with plush chairs all around and wooden bookcases lining the majority of the walls.  Old books were overflowing the shelves and lamps dimly lit the room giving it a golden, cozy feel.  It felt like an old library, with thick velvet curtains at the windows and doorways.

I slowly sipped my bourbon and listened to the pulse of the jazz echoing from the room adjacent to me.  The alcohol began to permeate through my veins and made me feel like I was floating in a warm bath.  The day had been hectic and full of demands from my work, and this was a welcomed change from the mundane.

And then he peeked in.  His piercing blue eyes met mine, and I quickly looked away as I felt my face flush.  Was it the alcohol or his dreamy eyes staring back at mine?  Certainly both.  I felt flustered and self-conscious as I looked down at my outfit and the way I was sitting.  I wanted to be myself, but I also wanted to put on my best for this mystery man, Mr. Eyes.

He walked through the curtained doorway towards me, and his eyes never once left me.  I fidgeted and looked down and back up as he checked me out from head to toe.  The weight of his gaze made me shiver inside and my arms pimpled with goosebumps as my eyes re-met his.

“May I join you?” he calmly asked gesturing toward the seat next to mine.

“Please, go ahead,” I replied as a mischievous smile appeared in the corner of my mouth. I continued to look into his eyes and got lost in them.  Everything disappeared.  The rest of the bar.  The noise within.  My work.  My inhibitions.

“I saw you walk in, and I was just drawn to you.  Everything about you was so sexy, and I just thought I had to get a taste of you,” he said while leaning in closer to me.

“I… I don’t know anything about you, but… but,” I stumbled as I felt his face so near to mine.

Shaking my head back and forth as he leaned over the arm of his chair and kissed me passionately, my body was at the same time in shock and ecstasy.  His kiss was sweet and so smooth.  His tongue tickled mine, and I pulled back in awe of what had just transpired.

“Whoa, my first time in this bar, and I get swept off my feet by the first person to approach me.  Who are you?  Prince Charming?” I smiled and he smiled back.

“Not quite, but when I see something I like, I go get it,” he said.

“I’m game,” I whispered.

My head was spinning.  I’m game?  Did I really just say that to Mr. Eyes?  What’s going to happen next?  I’ve never accepted a move at first glance.  But why not?  I smiled and looked at him with a deep, longing desire.  He slipped into my chair right beside me and I felt his body’s warmth and his hot breath as he leaned in to kiss my neck.

He inhaled with a look of pleasure and said, “I love lavender.  You smell divine.”  As he continued kissing and nibbling on my neck, I took a final swig of my drink and placed the empty glass tumbler on the coffee table.

My, I wanted to get my hands all over him.  I carefully placed them on his arms, feeling the firmness of his body through his blue oxford shirt.  He’d also donned a green and blue plaid bowtie, navy slacks, and tobacco-colored loafers.

I looked into his eyes and kissed him on the mouth while his hands slid up my trembling thighs.  He slipped one hand under my skirt rubbing my outer thigh as we made out and wove our tongues together.  I reached for his bowtie and began to pull it undone as he pulled back and admired me again with his beautiful, smiling lips and teeth.

His other hand dove into my skirt from the opposite side and finally went for the gold to discover I had no panties on underneath.  He dipped his fingers into my wetness while I gasped with heated breath against his lips.  Bringing up a dripping wet finger, he licked it in front of me with such sexiness. His gaze penetrated my soul.

He then ran his damp fingers through his golden hair as I continued to pull off his tie and unbutton his shirt.  I peeled it off his fit body, leaving his undershirt beneath.  While I made my way to his bulge to unbutton his belt, he started rubbing between my wet lips so smoothly and slowly.  I moaned and paused as pleasure started pulsing through me.

I unbuttoned his belt and pants and began to grip his hard cock through his boxers as we kept kissing, the longing building.  Hot passion increased in both of us as he continued fingering me with one and then two of his fingers.  My orgasm steadily built deep inside of me until I exploded with pleasure and screamed into his shoulder as my body pulsed and spasmed.

I pulled back and met his eyes again, and he looked hungry—hungry for me.  No one had ever wanted and pursued me like this.  I leaned back on the large, low, cushioned arm of my chair and whispered, “Make love to me, Mr. Eyes.”

He shifted his position, and I reached into his boxers to free his hard cock, primed and waiting for me.  He lifted up my skirt and slid into me, a delightful groan accompanying each juicy thrust.  Then he pulled back and looked deep into my desiring eyes.

“I need a better view,” he said.  He grabbed my hips and flipped me over the arm of the chair with my ass up in the air.  In an instant, he knelt down, buried his face between my cheeks, and began kissing and rimming my rosebud while vigorously fingering my pussy from behind once more.  This time I came quickly; my back arched and contorted to feel the sweetest pleasure.

Once I came off my second delicious orgasm, he stood, thrust into me again, and said, “I saw this ass of yours swaying in that dress when you walked in.”  He pulled back, took a look, swatted one cheek, and then fucked me hard.  I gasped as he continued to pound me from behind driving further into my wet pussy.  Soon, I felt his hard cock pulsate as he climaxed in me.  His body hugged close to mine, his hands holding on to my hips with a loving grip never wanting to let go.

He finally pulled out and we started to put ourselves back together.  I licked our combined love juices off his cock before putting it back in his boxers and then fastened his pants and belt for him.  I straightened my dress and cleaned up with the embroidered handkerchief I pulled from my purse.  While I continued to admire him, he looked into the mirror that hung on the wall behind my chair and re-tied his bowtie.  He nodded towards the mirror and smirked, “I told you I needed a better view.”  I had been unaware of the mirror that had been reflecting our image back at him.  All tidied up, we sat back in our chairs smiling at each other knowing our dirty little secret.  A secret just between us and so damn hot!

I told him it was nice meeting him and that I hoped I could see him again.  He said he looked forward to it.  We walked out of the secluded room hand in hand through the green velvet curtains and were immediately brought back to reality.  Had I really just done that?  In a bar with someone I just met?!?

Later that evening, as we reminisced about it back at our house, he asked, “Same place, same time tomorrow?”  I gasped, “Really?! … Let’s do it!”

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