Beautiful teen babe has a summer fling while on vacation

The Sun, the salty sea air, the exotic food, it was just what she needed. Vanessa was surprised to find so many couples on the island, all young people like her. She was even more surprised to see how many of them were open to having sex in public. Vanessa and her neighbor didn’t have much to say to each other, but she had seen him in action, and that was all she needed to know. One thing led to another, and the beautiful girl found herself making out with him. Innocent demeanor, sultry eyes, fantastic smile, natural breasts, slender physique… and the pink folds of a clean-shaven love box. Vanessa enjoyed having her perky tanned tits played with. Vanessa couldn’t wait to wrap her lips around this delicious cock in front of her. She sucked on it with skill and grace, all while looking deeply into his eyes. The guy couldn’t wait to return the favor by eating her out. What a beautiful pussy she had! She had a very neat and tidy pussy, and licking, sucking, sucking it was absolutely amazing! He didn’t want Vanessa to cum from just that and stopped only to shove his dick inside her wet pussy. The foreplay was done, and he immediately started to fuck her with vigor. She didn’t even try to hide her pleasure, moaning and screaming profanities for all to hear. She’d been walking past pairs fucking for days now. It was her time to be seen like that. Vanessa turned around and arched her back, asking him to take charge. He slammed away at her womanhood, making her mind go blank from the ecstasy. Both of them lost track of time and kept going long after sunset. Beautiful model! Amazing body. Skinny with big tits is perfect. She looks gorgeous and young! Good energy and positions with beautiful boobs bouncing. Sex was hot and filming in a beautiful location. Outstanding scene.






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