I snuck into my classmate’s house to spy on her gorgeous ass!

Dude was on his way home from school when spotted his classmate Nikki walking nearby. He had always had a crush on her perfect ass. As she was walking home, the guy followed her and entered her house while going into the shower. Her door was open, and he stood by it, spying on her as his naked classmate soaped her tits and her amazing bum. When she finished, as she was bending over, the guy peeked a little more, and she saw him. The naked girl grabbed a towel trying to hide. He tried to apologize, but since he was there, she asked him to oil up her butt cheeks. As he was folding her ass, he couldn’t resist but stick his tongue in her bum hole, and she liked it! Spreading her ass cheeks with both hands he kept licking her ass crack up and down, licking her pussy slit and her asshole. Unable to hold back anymore he stood up and just stuck his dick inside her wet pussy! The girls began slamming her ass back onto him, making him pound her balls deep from behind. As he was pounding her from the back, she looked at her slutty face in the mirror in front of her. He was grabbing her waist and slapping his nutsack against her butt cheeks hard as he fucked her. The feeling of her ass cheeks bouncing against his crotch area was just too much. After a hot fuck the naked girl got onto her knees and began sucking him off. She sucked the tip while stroking the rest with her gentle hands. Slutty girl got down on all four, and he got behind her sticking his dick inside and fucking her. He fucked her and slapped her butt as it jiggled with every pound he made. When he lay on the floor, his naked classmate got on top of him and rode him wildly, moaning like a princess. She rode him fast and fast until he released a huge load inside of her, which dripped down her thighs.






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