My new stepmom helps me to lose my virginity

Mandy is a thoroughbred, curvy brunette in her late thirties. She was dating a divorced guy her age, and it got serious. At first, she was stopping by his place to fuck around. This is when she first met his son. The boy was always a bit hostile to his dad’s fuck mates, but Mandy is intent on becoming his mom. Well, stepmom, to be exact. She bumps into him in the kitchen. This blue-eyed short-haired brunette has a pair of small but succulent tities and a big ass stretched between a pair of hips that can kill. The sexy MILF approaches him, attempting to build up a relationship with him, but nothing seems to work. Mandy even does the thing that makes any late teenager cringe. She asks him if he has a girl in his life. Of course, he doesn’t want to talk about it. She runs her hand up and down his chest and tells him how stupid and inexperienced college girls are. And before you know it, her hand is down in his pants. She whips his young virgin dick out and jerks him off. The boy is shocked but loves this new sensation. He can see that Mandy’s mouth is beginning to water. Not a minute passes, and he’s in her mouth, balls-deep. MILF isn’t just showing the boy how a real woman sucks. She’s actually living out an old fantasy of hers.


She’s always wanted to take a boyish young man and treat all of his mommy issues, including the part where he has to feel accepted by her sexually. “Does mommy suck your cock good?” she asks. After a few minutes, she pulls her panties down, reveals her wet cunt, and straddles that dick. She has all the initiative, while the boy can just give his cock in shock. Stepmom’s big butt bounces on his young slender figure. His thick pubic hair is tickling her pussy lips and her clit. She’s really enjoying her mommy role, grinding on her stepson, and living out her fantasy. The dude is now running his hands all over her gorgeous body, squeezing her juicy ass and playing with her boobs. The beautiful naked woman starts moving faster, almost bouncing off the end of his cock before slamming her cunt back down around it. She shows the boy her asshole in reverse cowgirl, telling him she wants to give him everything like a stepmommy should. The young guy is inspired by this total acceptance so much that he takes the initiative. He fucks her in doggy, pounding against her big ass! She rocks back against him, grinding her big ass against him and driving his young hard dick inside of her. Then she wants her new stepson to fuck her in missionary. She keeps enjoying his dick until he pulls out and cums. Mandy likes how her new life is working out. They’ll have so much fun when Dad’s away.






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