My Old Chevy

My wife and I waited for marriage before we had sex, but we did spend a fair amount of time making out in my old Chevy. Time passed, we married, had kids, and were immersed in life before we knew it. The old Chevy was long gone, but it’s hard to forget those make out days. The wife and I were on an afternoon Sunday drive not too long ago when she noticed something out of her window.

“Babe! Turn around! I think I just spotted your old truck!” I seriously doubted it, but it couldn’t hurt to look.

Backtracking, we made our way to a stretch of lawn next to the road where an old Chevy was parked with a “For Sale” sign on it. My wife practically leaped out of the car and was soon peering in the window.

“Is this it? Was this yours?” I dunno Babe … let me look it over.

I circled the truck, looking for tell-tale signs as memory served. The wheels were different, but somebody could have changed those. A couple more things stuck out, but then again, it was a long time ago. My wife was watching me with rapt attention.

“Well? Is it yours?” I really didn’t think so, I mean, what are the odds?

But noticing the expectant look in her eyes, I took a more prudent road … I’m not sure. If it’s not mine, it’s definitely a twin. She practically shrieked. Ummm…why the sudden interest in my old truck? Her look turned serious.

“I fell in love with you in that old truck. The first time I thought about letting you touch me was in that old truck.The first time I thought about having sex with you was in that old truck.” She continued, “With our sex life rekindled, a lot of those memories have come flooding back.” Hmmm. I see. She looked at the truck, then back to me, and … she pouted. Kryptonite. Well, shit. Looks like I’m about to buy “my” old Chevy.

The deal was made, and the next day it was parked in our yard. My wife was beside herself. I was checking out my new purchase when she came out carrying the wash bucket and dragging the hose. Then the vixen posing as my wife then pulled the string on her top and proceeded to scrub the old Chevy in nothing but what passed for bikini bottoms. Damn.

My cock and I watched for half an hour or so as her soapy boobs made their way around and over the whole thing. Finished, her boobs bounced and jiggled their way over to us.

“Will you make it nice? Then we could go riding … like the old days, but better.”

Counting dollar signs in my head, I sighed, but after she deflated my cock with her soapy tits and a smile, my fate was sealed. She went off to the pool, and I set about making a plan.

The interior was shot, but thanks to an enduring love for this model, the internet, and a credit card, I very shortly had new parts on the way. The engine ran, sort of, but a closer inspection revealed it too, was shot. The bill was adding up. Another few clicks, though, and a replacement was on the way. After the stuff arrived, I spent the next several weeks of my spare on my new little sex project, as I had started calling it. And before long, my Chevy 2.0 was more than just road worthy, it was nice. Feeling pretty proud, I shared the news with my wife; she nearly knocked me down.

“Friday night. We’re going to the game, then you’re taking me for a drive in that truck.” Message received.

I got ready first and when my wife walked out, my jaw hit the floor, and my cock peeked out of my jeans for a better look. She was wearing open toe heels, painted on jeans, a blouse that should’ve had more buttons, and my old football jacket. Her hair and makeup were resplendent. She looked like a wet dream. My brain was mush, so my cock said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Babe, you are the most fuckable thing I have ever seen.” Not his most eloquent moment.

“I’m glad you feel that way baby, I’m a sure thing.” The amount of drool my cock spit out after that made me wonder if we could wait. But the plan was set, and we headed off.

We arrived a short while later and took our seats. The atmosphere was old school and took us back to a time long gone. We dined on burgers and popcorn and reconnected with a few old friends. Our emotions rose and fell with the tide of the game until the home team finally emerged victorious. What a great night. It could have ended right there, but then she gave me that look, and we headed back to my old Chevy.

Bon Jovi, Journey, and Berlin kept the nostalgia fresh, and my wife’s mouth kept my cock hard as we drove. I hadn’t left anything to chance. My buddy had a secluded area of pasture, and I’d told him to expect to see an old Chevy driving in that direction. I hadn’t shared that part with my wife, but as we drove through the gate, her mood, already sexy, became downright fucking hot. After we were safely through and headed across the field to our little spot, she tore open my shirt, tried to wiggle me out of my jeans, then set about getting herself naked. By the time I parked, she had succeeded, and was sliding her arms back into my jacket.

“I’ve had fantasies about you fucking me in this thing.”

I slid into the middle of the bench seat and she immediately straddled me. Our hands and mouths explored each other with wild abandon. I managed to get two fingers in her pussy and was fully intending to make her cum. She must have had a similar thought because her hand was squeezing and stroking my wet pole. I had another idea, though, and maneuvered her into the seat while I got onto my knees in the floorboard. There’s not a lot of room in these old trucks, so it was a bit clumsy, but I managed it. I then dove in to her pussy. She was creamy and slick. Her cries and her scent filled the cab. Her hands clutched the back of my head trying to pull me deeper. I ate her like it was my mission in life and was rewarded moans and sexy screams.

“I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming!”

She did and hot girl cum coated my mouth, chin, and the seat. I went in for a kiss and while she licked her juices from my face, one finger found its way back into her pussy, and another one slipped further down to rub circles on her sweet rosebud. Her head dropped back and when she hunched up with her hips, the finger on her rosebud slipped inside.

“Oh, fuck yes baby!” I kept this up until she put a second coat on the seat.

When she settled a bit from that wave, she said, “How do you want me baby?” It took a bit more maneuvering, but I rolled the steamed over passenger window down and moved her to her knees so that her head was out the window, her arms were resting on the window opening, and her ass was facing me.

“Do it! Fuck me baby! Fuck your wife!” I did. There wasn’t a lot of head room, but my cock didn’t care. I slid into her juicy tunnel, and fucked her while she moaned obscenities out the window. The truck was rocking with our movements, and had anyone happened up on us, there would have been no question about what we were doing. The nostalgic music was still playing in the background when I reached the point of no return and spilled my creamy seed into her juicy hole. Holy shit.

Given the tone, mood, and general ambience, it was almost like we were doing this back in the day. We giggled when we saw our state… we were a mess. We calmed down and snuggled into a contented hug. As another reminder of the old days, I had hidden a bottle of Schnapps under the seat. We each had a few sips and laughed and talked for a long time. It was getting pretty late and I had one more surprise for my wife. I checked the time and pretended to panic. Oh no! Your curfew! She looked briefly confused, but played along.

“Oh my God! My parents will kill me!”

She redressed and fixed her hair as we drove. I shut off the lights and silently pulled up to the house. Quick! I’ll sneak you in! We went around to our bedroom window. I opened it and prepared to help her inside. There was some heavy giggling and playful expletives, but she finally landed safely.

Before she closed the window, she said, “Thank you. Tonight was amazing. I won’t forget this.” With that, she was gone.

I walked back and moved the truck to its spot. In silent prayer, I thanked God for my wife … and my old Chevy.

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