Playful brunette lets her roommate’s boyfriend use her like a sex toy

Free-use fantasies have always been Eliza’s thing. She’s been dying to try something like this out for a while now. Who better to do it than her roommate’s boyfriend? Good-looking, hung, not very bright but secretive – he seems like the perfect guy for the job. The girls play some video games as he gets into position behind them. The dude just wanted to fuck, but his girlfriend didn’t want to put down her joystick to play with his dick. Luckily, Eliza, offered him a little relief. He doesn’t mind that his girlfriend is right next to them. He slowly takes off Eliza’s socks and spreads her legs as far apart as he can. He uses her feet to rub his dick and then even to jack himself off. The girl’s tender feet feel great on his bare cock. He really feels confident that his girlfriend’s headset is perfect and that she won’t hear them. As soon as the game is over, he puts his dick away. The whole shenanigans make the little slut very horny. She stands up and takes him to another room. Not one second later, his long dick is inside her mouth. It feels even better than between her feet, he thinks to himself. It gets harder and harder as Eliz shoves it deeper into her throat. He can’t wait any longer and slips his dick inside her tight pussy in the old cowgirl position. He fucks her for quite some time this way before tossing her over on her back and fucking her some more. He does her in missionary and then in doggy style. The girl just loves her pussy getting stretched. She awards him by riding him in reverse cowgirl and showing him her puckered asshole. The site makes him so horny he flips her around on his dick, fucks her in missionary again, and cums on her face.






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