Two slutty stepsisters want to show you their bald pussies

Even though they’re not related, Sawyer and Serena act like they’re twins. The girls get the same haircut. They wear the same outfits. They even talk and act the same. And since sisters share everything, they’re OK with seducing the same guy. Recently, they got into fitness thanks to their cousin’s best friend. He’s a good-looking guy but dumb. They’ve been flaunting and teasing him at the gym, but he still hasn’t gotten the message. One day, the girls invited him over to take some pictures. The plan was to get him horny by showing him their naked pussies. Sitting by the pool the sisters took off their shorts. Two pussies were in front of him, yet he just kept snapping pictures. You would so love to get your tongue and cock into these two hot young cunts! Sawyer and Serena almost had it with him but had one more trick up their sleeves. He wanted to go home and take a shower before the gym, but they offered him to use theirs. The meathead was confused when the naked girls went into the bathroom with him. They said they should all shower together, but he just stood there, waiting. Two sexy skinny naked girls soaped up her each other’s booties and titties, playing with their wet pussies. The dude was oblivious and just asked if they always shower together.


The twins giggled and kept playing with each other, even kissing and fingering each other. While the naked girls were making out, he just played with a soap dispenser like a moron. Seeing as they were getting nowhere, they finished showering and let him have a go. When he was done, they awaited him in their bathrobes in the living room. They pushed him on the couch and were forward with him. Before he could say anything, they removed his towel and started to play with his dick. Both naked girls teased him with their feet. Serena went to give him a blowjob while Sawyer kissed the fool. He still looked lost, but the girl sucking him off didn’t care. The twins took turns blowing him and licking his balls. The time at the gym paid off, as their tight bodies finally managed to get him horny. He pounded Serena while her sister licked her clit. What he lacked in brains, he made up in stamina. When one girl came, the other quickly took her place. Cunt crazed fucker fucked the girls both without pause. Their pink pussies began to convulse, and massive blasts of beautiful, hot girlie cum sprayed from their slits, coating the hard dick that fucked them. He wasn’t their best guy, but the work they put into charming him made it that much more enjoyable. Finally, he came on Serena, who shared the cum with her sister with a kiss.






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