Family Summer Vacation – PART 2

There’s nothing worse than being forced to go on a stupid road trip with your family. Dad rented a camper van and organized a road trip to the West Coast. Being stuck for 10 days in a sweaty van isn’t cool for a college girl. Our thick brunette could die of boredom spending the day with her dorky brother and parents. As they passed a police officer, she decided to do something fun and flash her tits at him! It seemed like it was a slow day, as he immediately went after them. Luckily, the rust bucket broke down, and he caught up to them. He took the slut back to his car for “interrogation.” She couldn’t have been happier. She put her hands on his car and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties, which gave him a good feel of her fat ass. All she wanted was to be cuffed and railed, to be fucked up against the hood of his car. Dad would be busy fixing the van for a while, which gave them plenty of time. Teen slut hadn’t sucked dick in days, so she wasted no time getting on her knees. After a quick blowjob, the policeman placed her on the hood of his car and went to town. Her pussy was dripping wet, hungry for dick. He slid it in effortlessly. It wasn’t the biggest she’s had, but it hit the spot perfectly right now. Her massive thighs and butt clapped as he pounded away at her. She didn’t care her family was just around the corner and allowed herself to moan in pleasure. He’d pull them over more often if he knew family vans had horny babes like her. Even after she came, she kept shaking her booty, letting the man fuck her as he pleased. Sadly, he couldn’t last much longer. She went down again, taking his fat load on her face.






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